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We are COI.UA. Usually they call us Koi, sometimes Soi and rarely C.O.I. We do marketing, design, software, writing and imagining. To work with COI means to breathe life into your business, and work for COI means to go beyond clients’ and partners’ expectations.

We have our advantages. We know our weaknesses. And we can turn our weaknesses into advantages, when needed.

No, we are not almighty. But we always do more and better when it comes to work. For us, it’s the only way of getting the job done.

Myroslava Yurova
Founder, marketing specialist
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Olena Buchkina
Targeting specialist, content manager
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Lilia Halytska
Graphic designer, retouch artist
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Oleh Korotash
Project manager
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Marko Kuziakiv
Full-stack developer
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Lilia Fus
UX/UI designer
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Oleksandra Antonyshyn
Chief editor, project manager
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Oksana Hrabovska
Marketing specialist, copywriter
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Oleksandr Zaiats
Context advertising specialist, web analyst
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Nataliia Bernyk
employee image
Anna Shylo
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Viktor Chornyi
Digital marketer, project manager
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Khrystyna Bidonko
Client manager
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Petro Pityla
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Adriana Bolkun
SMM specialist
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Yelyzaveta Yanushevska
Graphic designer
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