Piccolo is a Ukrainian company that produces and sells children's clothing. The range includes clothes for children aged 0-16, small toys and accessories. For Piccolo, we developed an online store, created a map of the target audience and a marketing strategy.
Our task was to develop a simple and user-friendly online store with an adaptive design. And also - to conduct market research, create a map of the target audience and develop a marketing strategy. These documents are needed to establish the effective operation of the company, increase sales and create a positive image..
For Piccolo, we have created a "light" and concise online store with easy navigation, product search and filtering system and a convenient order form. In addition, we have developed detailed documentation required for the effective promotion of the brand's products.

Marketing strategy

In the document, we have described in detail the methods of communication with the target audience, ways to achieve the company's goals, a description of the further action plan and brand development. Working on this marketing strategy will help increase the company's sales and brand awareness in the market.



We have created a detailed structure of the site taking into account all the requests of the client. While developing the prototype we took into account the specifics of Piccolo, the characteristics of the company's products, the characteristics of the target audience and marketing strategy. At each stage, the structure and prototype were approved by the customer.



The Piccolo online store is easy to use and created due to the needs of the target audience. The website has an adaptive design, effective tools for finding and filtering goods, a convenient and fast order form.


For the Piccolo online store, we have developed a simple catalog in which, for convenience, all products are filtered by size, color, price, season and material. We also took care of the personal account and the clear functionality of the cart with the possibility to choose the payment method and order confirmation.


Adaptive design and more

Adaptive design is one of the most important features of the Piccolo online store. We made sure that the site was well displayed and worked on any device. We took into account all the elements of UI / UX design that are necessary for the proper functioning of the site


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