Lviv Medical Center

Lviv Medical Center is a network of ophthalmological clinics that offer vision treatment according to the latest world standards. The facilities provide a full range of services: starting with examinations or selection of glasses and ending with complex surgical procedures.
The main task was to promote comprehensively the Lviv Medical Center services. To do this, we decided to focus attention on promoting profiles on social media, developing a corporate website and improving the workflow in the clinic. Additionally, we worked with branding to make the website, the profiles and the content of LMC well recognizable.
We developed a stylish corporate website for Lviv Medical Center, filled it up with texts and quality photos, targeted the ADs. We adapted the content for social media to the needs of the target audience, making it easier to comprehend. We improved the workflow in the clinic through marketing, business consulting and staff training.


As a part of the project, we developed a brand book with a detailed description of the logo, corporate colors and possible options for their use. The logo of Lviv Medical Center consists of a glyph (an adapted emblem depicting a caduceus or a staff of Mercury), a vertical line and a font composition. There are three variants of the logo: on light, dark and colored backgrounds. 


We also took care of the holistic appearance of the social media accounts. Preparing content plans, we were drawing on corporate colors to create an integrated visual experience for potential clients. 


Corporate colors of Lviv Medical Center are white, brown and turquoise. White is the mail one, because it is a good canvas for placing elements. Brown and turquoise are needed to successfully locate the accents. The color scheme is easy to combine and adapt to any format. 

Business and appointment cards

We have created designs for business and appointment cards using the corporate colors that complement the restrained corporate identity and help increase brand awareness.


For Lviv Medical Center, we developed a highly functional website, concise and convenient for  the target audience. Additionally, we created easy to comprehend and useful content.

Main page

All the major information is presented on the main page of the website. It helps users to guide themselves through the site and find the needed information in just a few clicks. 


Blog page

All the opinion pieces written by Lviv Medical Center specialists are gathered in the blog section. Materials are divided by topics and dates, that’s why it’s easy for users to find the needed article. 


Adaptive design

The renovated website is well displayed on PCs as well as on mobile devices. All the functionality works smoothly on various gadgets and design adapts to any format.


For Lviv Medical Center social media accounts we created informative advertising posts with quality photos and took care of holistic style of accounts. Photo and text content raise the client’s awareness of the clinic’s services and help to build trust. Combined with successfully targeted advertising, content helps to raise sales. 


To measure the effectiveness of our work, we set up analytics. With its help we could track the number of site’s visitors and their transition sources. In addition, it is easy to understand which advertising calls work better and which do worse, and based on this data - to improve the content.


For Lviv Medical Center we conducted an on-site photo shoot, because we needed both the photos of the team and the clinic itself with all the equipment. It’s extremely important to show a comfortable space with modern equipment when talking about a private clinic. 

Consultation and client support

Our team provided Lviv Medical Center with a complete consulting package that includes working with the personnel of the clinic, help with tuning-up the workflow and monthly consultations regarding marketing and business processes. 


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