How can you help Ukrainian business

During the war, the whole country suffers. But whilst the Armed Forces are responsible for military protection, every company in Ukraine is responsible for economic safety. Our COI team is one of such companies.

We are a marketing agency, so we are not asking for financial or humanitarian help. A project to work on is what will really help us.

Why projects are the best help

While you order from us, we can provide the team with salaries. And these are 15 Ukrainians who will be able to feed their families, pay taxes and help the Ukrainian army financially.

In addition, if COI stays afloat, we can help Ukrainian business. We do that on preferential terms during the war.

We do not ask for charity, we offer our work. For our part, we perform it responsibly and with the highest quality.

How can a Ukrainian digital marketing agency work during war 

When the first shock passed, our team took care of quality working conditions. Part of the team changed their location, while others organized high-quality Internet in bomb shelters. We are not soldiers, but we are ready to work well even in specific conditions, because we understand that this is our contribution to the victory of Ukraine.

What services can we offer for your brand

COI is a marketing agency that offers a full range of work related to marketing, text or visual content creation or web development.

Websites that sell 

Landing pages, online stores, business card sites, chatbots and applications — we can do everything. We start with the processing of the request and the selection of the optimal type of web resource, and end with the delivery of a full-fledged web product with an available admin panel. If desired, we offer technical support for our resources.


Not by the social networks alone. Upon request, we will create content for your brand’s website, blogs, newsletter or other text materials in English. We can also prepare textual and visual materials for printing. 

Branding help

We will create a brand image that is pleasant to remember, strengthens trust and inspires desire to buy your products and services. At the stage of developing the brand style, we offer our customers several options that take into account the trends and the desired style of the company. The brand book includes: the stated mission of the brand, logo and its legend, corporate fonts and colors, imagery, advertising and information materials, branding of merchandise and office supplies, and brand card design.

SMM services

Do you need social media that will emphasize the benefits of your brand and help you sell? In COI we have experience in selling via social networks. We’ve been providing marketing help for real estate companies, educational institutions, beauty salons and clinics, as well as clothing, sweets, footwear, and decor stores. We will also sell your goods and services. We offer a full cycle of works: from collecting materials for publication, to AD support and comment processing.


Our COI team is a team of specialists, each of whom works well in their field. The best help for us is projects. For our part, we are ready to be on our “A” game and even more, because we are more motivated than ever.


We have 9 years of experience working with projects both on the Ukrainian market and abroad, and you can always view samples of our work here: 

Our services and prices are provided here: 


Are you ready to develop your business with Ukrainians? We will not fail you!


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