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When to Contact a Website Development Agency for an Online Store

Creating an online store can be a challenging task, but choosing the right approach depends on the specifics of your product business and the number of products.

Direct Sales Without a Website

If you have a small number of Instagram-friendly products, you can sell them manually through Instagram and TikTok and manage without a website for some time.

Developing a Showcase Website

If your product is not suitable for direct sales but the number of items is limited, consider developing a showcase website. This is a good option for testing your product segment or for selling up to 10 types of products.

Creating an Online Store on a Website Builder

If your audience is not demanding and you don't need synchronization with accounting and inventory systems, consider creating an online store on a website builder. It will be cheaper and suitable for mid-priced products with up to 300 items.

Ordering a Full-Service Online Store

If you have a large number of products, sell both wholesale and retail, each product has different characteristics, and you need synchronization with inventory and logistics systems or you accept payments from different countries, you need a custom-developed online store. Although this is a significant investment, such a website will provide any necessary functionality and competitive advantage, high speed, and the possibility of adding extra features in the future.


What Determines the Cost of Creating an E-commerce Website?

The prices for developing an online store can vary significantly. Let's take a closer look at what determines the cost of creating an e-commerce website and what to consider when choosing a contractor to develop your dream site.

E-commerce Website Design

The cost of designing an online store depends on your needs, corporate style, and additional preferences. In some cases, you can consider a template option with minor modifications. This approach allows you to reduce the design cost, as template designs use standard blocks, making development cheaper.

Turnkey E-commerce Website Development

Every retail business has its own specifics, so the functional requirements for an online store can also vary. The basic structure of an online store includes a product catalog with specifications, a shopping cart, and an online payment module. Additional features such as synchronization of products with variations in specifications, stock synchronization across different warehouses, and integrating a logistics module with cost calculation will be more expensive.

Dynamic advertising content on the site shows very good results, but implementing such functionality also increases the cost of the online store.

Cost Calculation

You can find a basic cost estimate for an online store in the "Calculator" section at the bottom of this page. However, please note that these calculations are approximate, and the exact figures will be provided by a manager after consultation. By filling out the form at the bottom of this page, you can order a turnkey online store.

A COI Marketing and Software manager will contact you to clarify details and provide a consultation regarding the cost of developing an online store according to your requirements.

What Should a Modern E-commerce Website Be Like?

Structure of an Online Store

First and foremost, a quality online store should have a well-thought-out catalog structure. Typically, a hierarchical structure is used, developed by marketers and SEO specialists. It is important to clearly and effectively divide your products into categories and subcategories in the context of search engines.

Conversion of an Online Store

Online stores are created not for beauty but for selling products. Therefore, a very important aspect of a quality online store is its high conversion rate. Conversion is influenced by the intuitiveness and length of the customer's journey from the first contact to placing an order. It is important to minimize all unnecessary steps and make product selection and order placement as simple, intuitive, and clear as possible for your customer.

Mobile Version of an E-commerce Site

Depending on the segment, 50% to 90% of customers place orders through the mobile version of an online store. In recent years, the Mobile First trend has become very popular. According to this concept, the design of the mobile version of the site is developed first and then adapted for the desktop version. This way, you can be sure that your site will load quickly on mobile, be convenient, and easy to use for product selection and order placement.

Why Choose COI.UA for Turnkey Online Store Development?

Choosing a reliable contractor for developing an online store is extremely important because e-commerce sites constantly require updates and modifications. Therefore, when selecting a contractor for your site development, you need to analyze all the advantages and possible disadvantages in detail to choose a partner with whom you can work constructively for many years. COI Marketing and Software is just such a contractor. Let's look at the key advantages of working with us.

Extensive Experience in Developing Online Stores

Online stores and e-commerce showcase sites differ significantly from informational websites. It is crucial to involve marketers in the process of building the structure of an online store. Designers create beautiful layouts, while marketers advise on making the site user-friendly for the specific target audience. The site's speed is critical and directly impacts sales performance, so high demands are placed on the mobile version and overall site speed. It is important to understand that as the store's assortment grows, the number of products increases, but the site’s speed must remain high.

Order Online Store Development in Lviv

Since the beginning of the quarantine, the entire COI Marketing and Software team has been working remotely. We continue to help launch great sites and online stores for companies from all over Ukraine and the world. Our marketing agency works transparently according to the contract and fulfills its obligations.

Creating and Promoting an Online Store

A significant advantage of working with us is that, in addition to creating sites of varying complexity, we also promote businesses online. You won't need to look for another contractor to promote your online store and worry about situations where different contractors pass the blame for failures to each other. Comprehensive cooperation allows for comprehensive results.der a turnkey online store development from COI.UA and get a reliable partner for your business! site / advertising cost?" is a question that always confuses us, because there is no universal answer. Therefore, we have developed a calculator that will help you get an approximate cost online. For an exact estimate, contact us; we will count everything to the last penny.

Steps to Creating an Online Store with COI.UA

1. Client Introduction and Survey

In the initial stage, we strive to understand the specifics of your business, product range, and target audience. This helps in determining the primary requirements for the future development of the online store and tailoring them to your needs.

2. Writing the Technical Specification

The technical specification serves as the foundation for the entire project. It details all aspects of the functionality, structure, and design of the online store. The technical specification helps both parties understand exactly what is needed for the successful implementation of the project.

3. Online Store Structure

A well-organized catalog structure is a key element of successful online store creation. It is crucial to organize the product catalog, create intuitive navigation, and logically divide products into categories and subcategories. This work is carried out jointly by marketers and SEO specialists to ensure maximum user convenience and high performance in search engines.

4. Developing the Site Prototype

Based on the technical specification and approved structure, we create a site prototype. The prototype is a visual scheme that displays the placement of main blocks and functional elements without decorative elements and animations. This allows the client to see the overall structure of the site and make adjustments at an early stage.

5. Designing the Online Store

Our designers create a modern, user-friendly, and aesthetic design, considering current web design trends. We prefer restrained and functional solutions that remain relevant for a long time. It is important that the design not only attracts users but also ensures intuitive navigation and a comfortable user experience.

6. Layout and Programming

After the design is approved, we proceed to layout and programming. Our technical team ensures that the site meets the technical specification, has high speed, and is adaptive to various devices. Front-end developers convert the design into functional web pages, while back-end developers create the server logic and ensure the functionality of interactive elements.

7. Integrating Delivery, Online Payment Plugins, and Synchronization with Accounting and Logistics Systems

To ensure customer convenience and efficient operation of the online store, we integrate necessary delivery and online payment plugins. This allows customers to choose convenient ways to receive and pay for goods. Additionally, we synchronize the online store with your accounting, warehouse, and logistics systems to automate and optimize inventory management processes.

8. Testing

We conduct comprehensive testing of the online store to ensure its flawless operation. For smaller projects, we use manual testing, and for more complex ones, we perform additional load and performance tests.

9. Launch and Training

After the site is approved by the client, we proceed to launch and train the client’s representatives on the features and functionality of the site. We explain how to change content and use the admin panel so that the client can independently manage their online store.

10. Technical Support and Promotion of the Online Store

Upon completion of the site development, we offer clients a contract for technical maintenance and support, as well as services for the promotion of the online store. Ordering site promotion from COI Marketing and Software is advantageous because we take full responsibility for the results, avoiding misunderstandings that can arise when working with different contractors. This ensures maximum productivity in achieving the client's business goals.

Order a turnkey online store development from COI.UA and get a reliable partner for your business!


What Your Online Store Developed by COI.UA Will Be Like

1. Thoughtful Store Structure

  • Convenient Navigation

Your online store will have a well-organized hierarchical structure, ensuring easy access to any product.

  • Categories and Subcategories

Products will be divided into logical categories, simplifying the search for the desired product for your store's customers.

2. Modern Design

  • Attractive Interface

Our designers will create an aesthetically pleasing and modern design for your online store, taking into account the latest web design trends.

  • Ease of Use

The design will be user-oriented, ensuring a positive shopping experience.

3. High Speed and Performance

  • Speed Optimization

The speed of your online store will show excellent results on any device, minimizing customer drop-off.

  • Adaptability

The site will be adapted for mobile devices, which is critically important as a significant portion of purchases are made from mobile phones.

4. Full E-commerce Functionality

  • Plugin Integration

Necessary plugins for delivery, online payment, and synchronization with accounting and logistics systems will be integrated.

  • Cart and Online Payment

An intuitive process for adding products to the cart and placing orders will be provided.

5. Technical Support and Maintenance

  • Regular Updates

We will ensure regular updates and monitoring of your online store for its uninterrupted operation.

  • Quick Problem Resolution

Prompt technical support will help quickly resolve any issues or problems that may arise.

6. Marketing and Promotion

  • SEO Optimization

Your online store will be optimized for search engines, helping to attract more organic traffic.

  • Advertising Campaigns

Professional setup of advertising campaigns in Google Ads and social networks to increase sales.

By ordering the development of an online store from COI.UA, you get a reliable partner who will provide your business with everything necessary for successful online trading.

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A stylish website in corporate colors.
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A well-thought-out administrative system.
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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Online Store?

The cost of developing an online store varies depending on the project's complexity and the client's specific requirements. We cannot name typical amounts since each project is unique. However, to help you get oriented, we have developed a special calculator.

Using the Calculator

In our calculator, you can see the main functional blocks for each of the typical sections of an online store and select additional options. This allows you to get an approximate cost estimate for developing your online store based on your specific needs and requirements.

Calculate the estimated cost of creating an online store using our calculator:

Unit of production
Personal account
Synchronization with 1C
100 $
80 $
180 $
Catalog (with an option to add product categories to the image block)
120 $
140 $
Types of products
180 $
Information block with text and image
60 $
100 $
New items and sales
100 $
Popular categories (with an option to add selected categories to the image block)
100 $
Slider with products or brands
100 $
Newsletter subscription (e-mail database collection)
80 $
2400 $
Main dropdown-icon
Header close-icon
Footer close-icon
Slider close-icon
Catalog dropdown-icon
Main structure (goods, categories, bread crumbs) close-icon
Unit of production dropdown-icon
Basic structure (product photo, description, specifications, additional photos, the ability to add to the cart) close-icon
Cart dropdown-icon
Basic structure (display, open and delete products added to the cart) close-icon
Checkout dropdown-icon
Personal account dropdown-icon
Blog dropdown-icon
Synchronization with 1C dropdown-icon
Copywriting dropdown-icon
Design dropdown-icon

Key Factors Affecting the Cost:

1. Design of the Online Store

  • Template Design

This is a cheaper option that involves using ready-made templates with minor changes.

  • Custom Design

Developing a unique online store design according to your requirements and corporate style will be more expensive.

2. Functionality

  • Basic Features

Product catalog, cart, online payment module.

  • Additional Features

Synchronization of products with variations by characteristics, logistics module integration, dynamic advertising content, etc.

3. System Integration

  • Accounting and Logistics

Integration with accounting and warehouse logistics systems ensures the automation and optimization of product management processes.

  • Payment Systems

Integration of various payment systems for customer convenience.

4. Adaptability and Performance

  • Mobile Version

Developing the site according to the Mobile First principle ensures fast loading and user-friendliness on mobile devices.

  • Optimization

Ensuring high site performance regardless of the number of products and visitors.

How to Get an Accurate Estimate for Your Online Store

By using our calculator, you can get an approximate estimate of the cost of developing your online store. However, for more accurate information, it is best to fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Our manager will contact you, provide more detailed consultation, and give you a precise estimate based on your requirements.

By ordering the development of an online store from COI.UA, you get a reliable partner who will provide your business with everything necessary for successful online trading.

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