Vyshnevsky Wallet

Vyshnevsky Wallet is a brand that makes handmade leather wallets. Such products are stylish and very lasting, so they have a lifetime warranty.
We had a task to prepare the basic promotion strategy, to develop branding and the concept of business development as well as the positioning in the market. We had to find the perfect niche for the customer's product, set it apart from the competition and make the brand recognizable and memorable.
The main thing in this project is concepts. The positioning we thought out determined the elements of branding, content of social networks, photo and video shooting. The client sewed each wallet with his own hands. And we tried to transfer this special energy.


For Vyshnevsky, we developed a logo, a trademark for embroidery on the product, developed fonts, the design of printing and profile design for social networks. We created a united style of photography, which was followed during all shootings.

Elements of corporate style

We wanted the elements to emphasize the main advantages of the product: the authenticity of the lines, care for the quality of each detail, conciseness and durability.


Marketing strategy

We described in detail what the results of the work might be, what they would depend on, and what should be done to make the achievements better. In addition, we developed a map of the target audience to understand who to target with advertising and who are the potential buyers of the product.


Concept development

For Vyshnevsky, we worked on several key features that harmoniously reinforced the premium positioning of products and set the tone for the highest standard of customer service.


For Vyshnevsky, we prepared unique content and targeted advertising. We created separate messages for each target audience group. For those who had a birthday soon, we posted an offer 'Give me a present', for couples who were about to celebrate their anniversary, we offered sets 'Eternal wallets, eternal love', for Mother's Day we published posts of women's goods and so on.


Photos for social networks Vyshnevsky sustained in a united style. First, the concept of an advertising message was worked out, afterwards we took photos and wrote texts. We shot wallets with and without models, organized the filming of the work process and prepared several videos. We made both general plans and big ones to show all the details of the product. The photo of the product is the first factor influencing the buyer, and the exclusive product needs a perfect presentation.


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