Swisswoodenmap is a small online store specializing in the sale of wooden maps of Switzerland. These maps can be ordered online, assembled together with family or friends, and mounted on the wall. This aesthetic and patriotic decorative item will delight the eyes of both residents and guests.
The task for COI.UA in this project is to develop a concise landing page with a visual presentation of the products. It should be possible to order them online. Therefore, we needed to create something in between a landing page and an online store. Additionally, the website had to support two languages. Texts and image processing were also part of our responsibilities.
For the Swisswoodenmap website, we chose a cozy hugge design. Scandinavian comfort and charming homey details complement the client's products perfectly. Spending time together assembling the map on chilly evenings also adds to the overall ambiance. We focused on the visual aspect and showcased the product in great detail. The ordering process was streamlined with minimal steps and the option for online payment to help customers make quick decisions and complete their purchases.

Prototype development

Since the website is small and the number of products is very limited, we meticulously worked on the customer's journey in the prototype. In this case, it's not about customers wandering the site for a long time before making a decision. Here, the goal is to quickly convince and make a sale. So that the customer can soon enjoy the map on their living room wall.


The website is well adapted for mobile devices and has high speed. The main focus is on the products and their presentation. Since it is crucial to show customers the maps in their interiors, a loyalty program has been developed, which offers a 10% discount on the second purchase when sending a photo of the installed map in the interior. For basic representation (until customers send their photos), several interiors have been provided using a graphic editor.

Adaptive Version

The mobile version of the website is well-designed for various screen sizes and loads quickly. In web design development, the "mobile-first" principle was applied because quick and spontaneous purchases of non-essential items are most often made using smartphones.

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