Shulga Health Care Delivery

This is a team of professionals who provide wellness services to employees (mainly in the IT sector) by visiting their offices. The range of services offered by Shulga Health Care Delivery helps minimize the work hours missed due to illness.
The complexity of the task arises from the Ukrainian consumer's lack of familiarity with office medical services and massage. On the other hand, this novelty became an advantage in promoting Shulga Health Care Delivery. Our primary goal was to popularize Shulga Health Care Delivery among IT specialists through social media and beyond.
For Shulga Health Care Delivery, we developed a corporate website and brand identity, ensured promotion on social media, and conducted advertising photoshoots. We presented the company's activities through email marketing and participation in IT conferences. And of course, we tried out the Shulga service ourselves to better understand all the benefits of the service.


For Shulga Health Care Delivery, we initially created a brand book, and later updated it to reflect the expanded range of services and increased number of company branches.

Structure and Prototype

The structure of the Shulga Health Care Delivery website was designed so that potential clients could find everything they needed in just a few clicks. The main page provides a brief presentation of the company, while other key aspects are presented on separate pages.


For Shulga Health Care Delivery, we developed a trendy and functional website in the company's brand colors. The minimalist design is complemented by asymmetrical lines and hover effects, and we structured the information and filled the website with content. The website's features include an intuitive interface, clear structure, and concise presentation of information.

The development of a CRM system

We developed a CRM system that allows users to schedule appointments, choose a specialist, date, and time for their sessions, and receive appointment reminders, among other features. The system has been optimized for mobile devices, and we also created a functional Telegram bot for the convenience of clients.

The CRM system significantly streamlined the appointment scheduling process, automating it. Clients can now view all available specialists, leave reviews about their work, providing the company with quick feedback and improving the quality control of services provided.


We also created a presentation of the services in the corporate style. In it, we described the main advantages of Shulga Health Care Delivery, tariff plans, and cooperation options with the company.


Informative advertising posts and announcements, complemented by high-quality images, create a positive impression of the company and support its positive image, while advertising targeting increases the number of target clients.


We have conducted photography sessions for Shulga Health Care Delivery on multiple occasions. This includes corporate photos for the website, images taken during work, artistic photography, and visuals for social media.

Adaptive website version

The website for Shulga Health Care Delivery and the CRM system are adapted for display in both desktop and mobile versions. They can be conveniently viewed in any format and from any device.

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