Revico is a company that provides investment consulting services. For Revico, we have created a restrained landing page with easy navigation and minimalist design, which presents the company's services favorably and is easy to use.
The task was complex because of the diversity of the target audience. We needed to create a landing page that was clear and attractive to different age groups and spheres of activity.
The client ordered the development of a one-page site (landing page) and logo, as well as photo shoot. We focused on a concise, clearly structured and stylish user-friendly landing page.


Considering that Revico provides investment consulting, we understand that the logo should not be over saturated with colors or graphic elements. Therefore, we developed a concise logo, combining a recognizable font with two colors in the company name.



The development of a one-page site for Revico can be described in three words: restrained, modern, solid. Both we and the client saw the landing page that way. We provided hover-effects, laconic font, and linear text structure. 

Photo shoot

Photography for Revico took place in two stages. We made sure that the photos we took looked organic against the background of the landing page: they stood out and successfully presented the team, causing trust.

Adaptive design

Revico's website works equally well on the desktop version and on mobile devices. All functionality and design are adapted to any format of gadgets, so it is convenient for users to search for the necessary information from any device.


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