Maisternia znan'

Maisternia znan' is a network of Lviv preschool development institutions, which started with developmental classes of various directions, and later developed into full-time kindergartens. The main accents of the curriculum are creative classes, physical development and English language.
We were requested to develop the site, printing design, training materials and work on most of the company's marketing activities: creating content for social networks, blogs, site promotion. In addition, we were involved in attracting new customers and interacting with existing ones.
We have organized a marketing all inclusive for the client. In addition to advertising the services of the training center on social networks and through the site, we conducted sales of educational materials and the carnival clothes rental. We also took care of advertising photography, consultations and developed the design of printing


For Maisternia Znan’ we have developed a site focused on the target audience with a bright but unobtrusive design. We worked in a "turnkey" format, thus starting with the structure and prototype and ending with the preparation of text and graphic content. We also worked on promoting the site and providing its technical support.


For the client's social networks, we prepared content plans, targeted advertising, and processed customer appeals. While working on the social networks of the client's company, we tested different methods and approaches, analyzed, changed, tested, re-analyzed. This project grew with us and the work gave a great result.



For educational flash cards in English, COI specialists drew characters that illustrate a particular word. During the work we tested the perception of illustrations by children. For example, a three-year-old child called our refrigerator a robot, so we had to draw again. First, we made vector lineouts, then painted them and prepared them for printing.

Photo shoot

For  Maisternia Znan’ we shot carnival costumes, educational materials and educational processes. Unique graphic content improves the perception of the business by its customers, strengthens the company's reputation. Therefore, when filling the site with content or working with posts for social networks, we, among other things, created and used unique live photos.

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