Leoderm is a network of modern dermatological medical clinics with a wide range of services — from surgical dermatology to laser hair removal. To meet the requirements, the site of the clinic must be modern and user-friendly.
The main task of the COI team was to create a minimalist-looking but complex corporate website. On the one hand, the web resource had to contain a large amount of information about the numerous services of clinics. On the other hand, it didn't have to be "overwhelmed" with information.
For the Leoderm clinic, we have created a stylish corporate website filled with texts and high-quality photos. We have also developed a special price calculator and an online appointment form so that the patients could comfortably plan their visit to the clinic.


We analyzed the target audience of the clinic and came to the conclusion that it is worth making the site in the light range of colors, with bright orange and green accents. This should allow users with different computer experiences to quickly find the information they need.

Home page

When working on the Home page, we focused on the most popular clinic services and sorted the specialties by category. In addition, we made it possible for users to navigate to each section of the site in just two clicks.

Clinics and Clinic unit

There are two clinics in the Leoderm network, so we have created separate pages for each of them. Also, users can see what services are available in each clinic, and check the list of the doctors (short introduction and description of each specialist included).

Doctors and Doctor unit

More than twenty specialists work in the Leoderm clinics. We have created an information card for each of them so that patients can be sure that they will be taken care of by professionals.


Information pages

We have collected information on diseases that can be cured in Leoderm, current promotion campaigns, the work of clinics in general and available vacancies in a separate section.


Adaptive version

The site, with all its functional features, is well browsed on different types of devices. This allows patients to learn about the procedure they are interested in at any time, make an appointment with a doctor or calculate the cost of the services.


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