IntelVision is a software development company that focuses primarily on the English-language market. To attract a new market segment, the company needs an action plan and a positive reputation.
The client's initial request was to update the company's logo, and later the collaboration grew into the development of a brand book and a full-scale marketing strategy that would set the vector for IntelVision's development for a long time.
We have offered several variants of the logo: from versions with minimal changes to completely updated. The marketing strategy described in detail the channels and methods of promoting the company.

Marketing strateg

Working on marketing strategy, we took into account everything: starting with the current position of the company and ending with the ways and methods of advertising promotion. Since the company has two main goals — to attract new customers and expand the company,  we have developed both external and internal strategy.



The logo contains a unique font composition and the main corporate colors: blue and purple. The merging of the letters L and I, that create a single vertical line makes the logo unique. The main color of the logo is blue, and purple serves as an accent. The main version of the logo can be placed on a black or white background. The logo also exists in black and white versions.

Rules for using the logo

Clear space

The free space around the logo provides the best visual perception and does not provide any additional graphic elements. It is not allowed to use any other colors, lines, contours, etc. for the elements of the logo. Also, any rotation of the logo is not allowed — only its horizontal use is possible.

Corporate colors

IntelVision corporate colors are: black, blue, white and purple. Blue is the basis of the logo, purple is the accent, and black and white classics universalize the use of both the logo and any corporate identity of the company.

The blue color stands for high status, IntelVision seeks to broadcast calm and confidence that the color conveys. While purple, used as a bright accent, speaks of ideology and creativity.


Corporate font

IntelVision corporate fonts: Lato and Open Sans. Lato Black and Open Sans Bold are accents and used for headlines. Lato Regular / Bold and Open Sans Regular / SemiBold are the main ones and are used for the main text and subheadings.



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