TM "Galychanka" is a company manufacturing and selling embroidered clothing and accessories. The goods are sold in physical stores, social networks and on the website, so each of them had to become a reliable sales channel.
The priority was the design of social networks, which in this case also meant advertising photography. Subsequently, the cooperation extended to the production of models of printed products and eventually — to the development of an online store.
Working with TM "Galychanka" meant a full marketing support of the client: web development, SMM, photo shoots, preparation of printed models, business consulting. We decided to think of and implement a united concept that would cover all advertising channels.


We have developed an online store (with eight main product categories and a separate login option for wholesale customers) with an auxiliary filter and a light, "airy" design.



To attract the audience to the Facebook page, we held regular promotions and announced sales. Text content was focused on photos of goods and brought the brand as close as possible to the audience through "photo tours" of production and of the store in Lviv.


The vivid catalog was preceded by professional photo shoot and photo processing. Saturated colors, favorable presentation angles and professional lighting allowed to show the final product from the best side.


TM "Galychanka" sews clothes for women, men and children, as well as creates bedding and accessories. Accordingly, we gathered a diverse database of models, if necessary, conducted additional castings. Along with catalog photography in  the studio, we arranged art photo shoots: in the open air, in rented halls and even on the roof!


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