Encoro is a company that produces and sells elite flooring. For Encoro, we have created a name, marketing documentation (market analysis, map of target audience, marketing strategy), a brand book and a website.
Our task was to launch a new brand of luxury flooring on the market. The client chose a comprehensive multi-stage approach starting with branding and finishing with a website development and both advertising and production arrangement.
To begin with, we conducted major marketing analysis and created documents essential for further brand marketing: a map of target audience and a marketing strategy. Additionally, we created a brandbook and developed a website for Encoro.

As a part of market research, we analyzed competitors' brand names. Each of 12 different name options that we generated was created on the basis of the client's briefing, was tested meticulously and was presented to the client with justification and explanation.

Marketing strategy

Our team created a detailed document and determined all the actions necessary for the development of the Encoro brand. That is, the current state of affairs, the work that needs to be started first and the plans that are postponed for the future. The document was divided into stages.



We have created both the name and corporate style. The brand book visualizes corporate colors and elements, fonts, branded merch, logo and the rules of how to use them. All the elements harmonize with each other and form a holistic image of the company.

Use of the logo

For Encoro, we have created three versions of the logo: the main one, the additional and the shortened version. We made them in the corporate style, depicted a detailed concept, character and the rules of use for the logo and the rest of the graphic elements.


Branded products

Branded products are made in restrained colors — white, black or creamy. In the brand book, we presented samples for flyers, documentation, cups, billboards, packaging, cache-pots and business cards. In addition, images of the beaver character were added to cars, jackets, T-shirts and courier caps, so that people have a direct association of the character with the brand.


Structure and wireframe

We have developed a site structure that makes it easy for users to navigate the website. The blocks of the site are located conveniently and are easy to find. We created the structure of the site and the prototype taking into account the wishes of the client and the needs of potential customers.


The website is intuitive and concise: at first glance, it is clear how the site works and where to click. Additionally, we created a catalog that makes it easy to sort items, and developed an interactive online service for visualizing a particular floor sample in the interior. 



The catalog is designed to make it easy to sort items. The site we created allows users to sort items by tree species, type, date of receipt, price, variety, color and type of floor.

Adaptive design

The Encoro website is well displayed on a variety of devices from smartphones to PCs. All the functionality is adapted to any gadget, so it is convenient for users to search for information despite the tool used. 


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