CRM TOOLS implements and customizes CRM systems for business. We have developed a minimalist site for CRM TOOLS, which profitably presents the company's services and creates a pleasant impression on potential customers.
The client's company is technological and modern, so it was very important to develop a convenient minimalist site without redundant and overburdening elements. We also made sure that the design reflected the serious nature of CRM TOOLS.
For the site, we chose a concise structure, sustained in corporate colors and added unobtrusive animations. The COI team carefully worked out the possible "routes" of the user's attention to make the site navigation as obvious as possible.

Structure and wireframes

Interesting solutions have been implemented in this project: footage-video with the director of the company, animated "dots" that respond to the cursor. The structure of the site is designed so that event pages can exist as independent elements, while remaining part of the site. All forms are connected to the client's CRM system for automatic request processing.

Main Page

On the main page we have placed the most important blocks with a description of the company's services, a convenient order form and current news. We have also added a block with customer feedback, which reinforces the positive impression of CRM TOOLS.

Event page

This unit helps site users to always be aware of the latest company news and events that may be useful to them. The page contains a brief description of the event, the speaker, as well as the date, time, address and location on the map.


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