BeHealthy is an IT startup that develops artificial intelligence for health analysis. It reminds the user of the examination, physical activity and diet given his statistical predisposition to disease. The application is designed to encourage busy active people to take care of their health and fitness.
Before investing in development, BeHealthy decided to test the demand for their idea. So we were given the task to develop a concise landing and advertise it to the target audience on Facebook to determine the demand for our client’s supply.
We started working on defining the target audience. To determine the group of potential buyers, team brainstorms were arranged and TA maps were built. As a result, we selected some of the most promising groups and decided to test advertising in the Canadian and US markets.


In our work, we took into account the peculiarities of the selected market and formed messages that can interest a potential customer to leave an application. Despite the short development time, we have developed a clear and practical application that is convenient for all users regardless of age, race and lifestyle.

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