The12Chicago is an American real estate construction and sales company near the city center. The residential area is located near the most popular locations in Chicago: hospitals, schools, a movie theater, the largest arena for events in the United States and the area of Little Italy, famous for its coffee shops are nearby.
The main task was to build an advertising plan and attract more customers through social networks. The American market differs a lot from the Ukrainian one, so for the desired results we needed to change the usual approach and advertising messages.
We began on assessing the local market, the needs of the target market and the capabilities of advertising tools. The principle of real estate promotion in the United States differs from the Ukrainian one and has much more limitations, so we have developed a clear action plan to prevent negativity, advertising campaigns’ blocks and reach the desired result.

The map of the target audience

We have identified avatars that are most likely interested in buying a home in the certain area of Chicago. We studied their approximate data, needs, interests and methods of communication. 


Analytics settings

For The12Chicago, we connected and configured Google Analytics metrics (depth of scrolling, link clicks, copying text from the site, submitting a form) and configured Pixel Facebook.



For The12Chicago we have launched 6 dynamic advertising campaigns for different avatars. In each campaign, 5 texts and pictures were used, automatically selected by Facebook, depending on which option the audience interacted better. All advertising campaigns used the goal "Conversion on the site" (filling out the form).



The result of advertising campaigns

We received 78 applications, the average cost of each is $7.4. Of all the campaigns, Zillow's real estate service subscribers were the most effective. The data also showed that 90.60% of all users view ads from mobile devices, and the average age of interested users is 34-64 years. The most active audience is aged 35-54. Among them, 66.67% are women and 33.33% are men.



For 12 Chicago, we prepared content plans with short ads to launch advertising campaigns. All posts were grouped by target avatars, and the difficulty was the correctness of the messages: we formed text messages carefully to make them as universal as possible for the American market and to present them in a customer-friendly light. We also worked on images: we chose those that radiate comfort and coziness and create a desire to buy an apartment here and now. 


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