What Kind of Business Can You Start in a Village?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent war, many Ukrainians have moved to rural areas. This trend is driven by several factors. Firstly, the high risk of infection in densely populated cities has led many to seek safer places to live. Secondly, the war has caused the evacuation of a significant portion of the population from frontline regions, leading to an increase in village residents. Additionally, many relocated businesses have resumed operations in the western regions of Ukraine, including rural areas.

Modern technologies provide vast opportunities for running a business in a village. With the advancement of the internet and online platforms, entrepreneurs can work remotely, sell their products, and provide services online. The well-developed delivery network reduces the dependency on location, significantly expanding business opportunities in rural areas. Today, we will discuss what kind of business can be started in a village and suggest practical business ideas for rural areas.

Thus, starting a business in a village is becoming an increasingly relevant and promising choice for many Ukrainians, both for creating a new business and for relocating an existing one.

What Is Profitable to Trade in a Village?

People often ask us what is profitable to trade in a village or what kind of business can be started in a village. There are many opportunities for profitable trade in rural areas. Let's consider several popular directions.

1. Handicrafts

If you enjoy crafting, there are many opportunities. Producing wooden or metal furniture and creating decorative home elements are highly demanded in rural areas. Homeowners in villages often seek to beautify their large homes with unique items, unlike urban settings where limited apartment space restricts such additions. Decorative items are one of the options for profitable trade in a village.

2. Organic Products

Growing organic vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs has great potential. Modern consumers increasingly seek eco-friendly products free from chemical additives. Rural areas offer the ideal environment for cultivating such products due to the availability of land and a cleaner environment. While selling them locally might be challenging, online delivery makes it feasible. This is one of the first thoughts when considering what kind of business can be started in a village.

3. Craft Food Products

Making homemade jams, sauces, teas, cheeses, and other craft food products can be a wonderful business. With the help of the internet, you can sell these products not only to local residents but also to a wider audience. The trend towards healthy eating and unique products boosts the demand for craft items. Craft food products top the list of popular business ideas for villages.

4. Low-Cost Goods

Trading low-cost items needed for everyday life, which are cheaper to buy locally than ordering online with delivery fees, is also profitable. These could include household goods such as buckets, mops, garden tool handles, herbicides, and plant fertilizers — the items that are profitable to trade in a village.

Profitable Business in a Village

Starting a business in a village has significant advantages, making it an attractive option for many entrepreneurs. If you are still considering what kind of business can be started in a village, consider these benefits.

1. Large Household Size

In a village, you have the opportunity to use your own premises or land for your activities without additional investments. These can be storage spaces, craft workshops, or simply areas for storing goods. This advantage helps to organize a profitable business in a village with minimal investments.

2. Savings on Rent

If you decide to open a small shop or another business, the rent for commercial real estate in a village is significantly cheaper than in a city. This reduces your startup costs and allows you to recoup your investments faster.

3. Low Competition

In a village, competition is usually much lower than in urban areas. This means you will have more opportunities to attract customers and grow your business. Think about what is profitable to trade in a village, choose your niche, and move forward!

Agriculture as a Profitable Field

You can come up with and search for business ideas for a village, but agriculture has always been and remains one of the most important and promising directions for business in rural areas.

1. Development of Agriculture

Agriculture is a profitable business in a village and an important sector that provides food for the population. Modern technologies allow for increased production efficiency and reduced costs.

2. State Grant Programs

The state supports the development of agriculture through various grant programs that help finance new projects and modernize existing farms. There are also additional programs for relocated businesses.

3. Land Allocation

Every citizen of Ukraine has the right to a land plot for agricultural purposes. Additionally, it is possible to lease plots for symbolic fees and engage in crop cultivation or animal husbandry.

10 Business Ideas for a Village

If you are unsure about what kind of business to start in a village, here are some ideas to consider. We hope they will inspire you to create a profitable business in a rural area!

1. Organic Farm

Growing eco-friendly vegetables and fruits for sale at local markets and online.

2. Agro-Tourism

Organizing tours and workshops for tourists who want to learn more about rural life and traditions.

3. Craft Food Production

Making homemade cheeses, jams, honey, sauces – creating unique products from natural ingredients.

4. Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs

Selling dried herbs, extracts, and other natural health products.

5. Garden Center

Offering garden plants, tools, and landscaping consultations. Plants and garden care are profitable items to trade in a village.

6. Production of Handicrafts

Creating unique furniture and decor from wood and metal for homes and gardens.

7. Poultry Farming

Raising chickens, ducks, and turkeys for the sale of meat and eggs.

8. Beekeeping

Producing honey and bee products such as wax, propolis, and royal jelly.

9. Homemade Baking and Confectionery Production

Creating and selling delicious homemade pastries for local residents and visitors.

10. Small Animal Farms

Raising rabbits, goats, and sheep for the sale of meat, milk, and wool. This is a profitable business in a village, as the number of domestic animals is decreasing, and neighbors will buy eggs and milk from you.

Using Modern Technologies in Rural Business

Internet and Social Media for Promotion

Modern technologies open up many opportunities for promoting a business in a village. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can become powerful tools for advertising your products. Through these platforms, you can create attractive posts, share stories about your production, and attract customers through targeted advertising.

Creating your own website or blog will help you present your products or services to a wider audience. On the website, you can post detailed descriptions of products, their characteristics, and prices, as well as organize an online store for convenient shopping.

Online Trading and Platforms

Using platforms for online trading allows you to sell handcrafted and craft products on the international market. This opens access to new customers who appreciate unique and high-quality handmade products.

Organizing your own online store will help you sell products with delivery across the country. You can use ready-made constructors or order the development of a custom site, allowing you to set up all sales and delivery processes.

Technologies for Agriculture

Modern technologies significantly increase the efficiency of agriculture. Using drones for monitoring fields and crops helps reduce costs for controlling the condition of plants and quickly identifying problems. Modern irrigation systems and farm management solutions allow optimizing the use of water and resources, ensuring better yields.

Automating the processes of cultivation and harvesting with specialized equipment reduces labor costs and increases productivity. Innovative solutions such as vertical farms and hydroponics can be implemented even in small farms, providing a stable income throughout the year.

Advantages of Living and Doing Business in a Village

Improved Quality of Life

Living in a village offers numerous advantages, such as clean air, beautiful landscapes, and a less stressful pace of life. This contributes to reduced stress levels and improved overall well-being. In a village, you can enjoy spacious houses with private gardens and orchards, providing the opportunity to grow your own vegetables and fruits. Thus, creating a profitable business in a village also benefits your health!

Strengthening Social Connections

In rural areas, it is much easier to establish close relationships with neighbors and the local community. This helps create a supportive environment where everyone knows each other and is ready to help in difficult times. Active participation in village life, organizing local events, and celebrations help strengthen social bonds and a sense of community.

Supporting the Local Economy

The development of local businesses contributes to the economic growth of the village. Opening new enterprises creates jobs for local residents and stimulates the development of infrastructure. This not only improves the standard of living in the village but also contributes to its prosperity and sustainability. Therefore, rural communities often offer very favorable conditions for relocated businesses.

Educational and Cultural Opportunities

Villages offer more opportunities for children and young people to learn about traditions and crafts. This helps preserve cultural heritage and pass on knowledge from generation to generation. Supporting local cultural initiatives and developing new projects help maintain and popularize national traditions, making the village an attractive place for living and working.

Tips for Those Who Want to Start Their Own Business in a Village

For those who have decided to start a business in a rural area, reaching out to COI.UA can be the first step to success. We provide comprehensive business services, including:

  1. Business consulting
  2. Marketing support
  3. Website and online store development
  4. Conducting advertising campaigns
  5. Full business support and sales organization

Our experts will help you with all aspects of running a business, from finding business ideas for a village, creating a business plan to implementing marketing strategies. We can help you start a new business, improve the performance of an existing one, or ensure stable sales for a relocated business.


The time when a village was perceived as an unfashionable and unpromising place has passed. Today, rural areas offer incredibly cool opportunities for running a business. If you haven't moved to a village yet, but you have an old grandmother's house, consider the benefits that such a decision can bring. Starting a business in a village can be your path to success and prosperity.


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