Do you think writing texts is easy and no experience is needed? In fact, it is still a heck of a culinary art. After all, writing a "nutritious" text requires no less effort than cooking delicious food. 

"Creating cool texts is like cooking a dish that people should like," writes the online publication Enchanting Marketing. In order for the dish to taste good, you need to put ingredients that will give it a rich pleasant taste. So how do you learn to create an appetizing text?

Practice basic writing skills

Start with the theory. Learn how the main anchors work in the text. Try to use them harmoniously. Where to start?

  • Turn a monologue into a dialogue by adding interrogative sentences.
  • Choose words that sound interestingly, avoid cluttered phrases, so that the finished text was not savourless and boring.
  • Make smooth transitions so that the reader could enjoy your post, sliding from sentence to sentence.
  • Read your materials aloud, change punctuation, add dynamics and rhythm.
  • Season the text with fresh metaphors to make abstract things concrete.
  • Include short interactive stories in publications to grab the audience's attention.

How do you get your reader's attention

In order to cook a good meal, you should be able to use kitchen utensils. The same with the text: if you want to write well, practice.

  • Put the chef's cap aside, turn off the phone, set the timer for 25 minutes and sit down to work.
  • Set regular hours for writing texts. Write daily at the same time.
  • Keep fit - Post at least some content every week.
  • Turn writing into an organized process with planning, editing and formatting.
  • Edit the text at least a few times. Good content requires careful attention to details.
  • Experiment with style and technique. Follow the exercises for writing creative texts.

Make your text more nutritious

Mediocre publications make readers bored and annoyed. But good content captures, teaches and inspires. 

How do you get closer to readers?

  • Practice empathy - try to understand exactly how you can help. The answer to this question should become the main component of the text.
  • Use persuasion. They inspire the reader and help him to reveal his inner desires, determination.
  • Make the tips more practical, demonstrate them with real examples.
  • Make your text memorable. Season it with details that will make the arguments more vivid and emotional.
  • Share delicious portions of information. For your text to be interesting, you should understand the chosen topic well.

Seek inspiration by learning from the best

  • We are not born with a unique style or knowledge of how to write ingenious texts. We learn this from the masters of their craft, we "borrow" their best recipes.
  • Study the covers of popular magazines to understand how to write catchy headlines.
  • Pay attention to the words in movie reviews, sports reports, short stories. Note down yourself the most exciting of them.
  • Read children's books and learn how to convey complex texts in simple words.
  • Enjoy sensual poetry and embody its elements in your work.
  • Practice your persuasive skills by studying newsletters and advertisements.

And most importantly: do not convince yourself of the presence or absence of talent. You have great ideas. You want to inspire your audience. Just get to work.

And if writing is not your favorite thing, the COI team will do everything for you. Our copywriters, like chefs, will prepare a variety of texts for you: advertising texts, entertaining ones, informational posts for social networks, articles for the blog, naming or slogans. Contact us!

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