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CRM Tools project

Stylish and functional. This is how we describe the website we developed for CRM Tools, a company that implements and customizes CRM-systems.

Vyshnevsky Wallet project

By combining creativity and strategic marketing, we have increased the recognition of the Vyshnevsky Wallet brand and improved the sale of the company's unique handmade products.

Panda project

For Panda, we developed a brand book, elements of which were used in the development of the company's online store, and in the design of the company's merch.

We create everyday

Every day we take responsibility, open clean sheets and search for most elegant contours for our most fantastic ideas.


We all are different, each one of us has his / her own ideas. By combining them all together, we get a good product as a result. We treat our clients with respect and make sure the cooperation is comfortble on both sides.

We choose the best solutions

Days go by. Buildings "grow" outside the window. New books and new flowers appear at our office. Girls change their haircuts.


Clients call and text us, we negotiate. We drink coffee. We develop websites, code and design. We write texts and take photos.


IT and marketing. Intelligence and creativity that complement each other in order to create a product of an undeniable high quality.        

European Bank

EBRD — accredited consultant 


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COIwriting... Do you count losses as competitors go online? COI has a solution!
We have developed a product that is easy to sync with 1C or any other database, as well as adapt the design to your brand. You will receive a full-fledged online store in just about TWO weeks! And you can not only increase sales in difficult quarantine conditions, but also invest in the future of your business.
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calendar icon3 february 2021
article author photo
COIwriting... How color affects your brand
Have you ever experienced a certain impact a color has on you? Maybe, you felt joyful in a yellow room, or you felt angry seeing a rapid movement of red images on the screen. Despite the popular belief, colors affect us more than just by bringing aesthetic pleasure.
article image
calendar icon20 january 2021
article author photo
Грабовська Оксанаwriting... Marketing in TikTok: does it exist?
To use TikTok as a marketing platform, you need not only to understand the principles of setting up advertising, but also to understand the essence of the social network itself. So if you want to advance in TikTok, be patient, charge your smartphone and dive into watching tiktokers’ videos.
article image
calendar icon3 january 2021