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All of us are a little bit manipulators. It means that from time to time we cover our genuine intentions with more or less beautiful wrapper and address it to an object of our interests to correct his/her behavior, reactions etc.

Sometimes we manipulate with the help of presents, emotions (for example, tears). But a pun is the most popular way to influence. We know it from a young age and do it so good that cannot even notice. Other people do it the same with us. We are also objects of interest. Presents, tears and words. A person who is on friendly terms with words can influence. Especially, when a person is interested in something.

Joe Vitale dwells upon all these issues in his book ‘Hypnotic Writing’.

If to be honest, techniques described in a book seem to be out-of-dated. To write headlines using CAPS LOCK, address to a certain group of people e.g. Job for PENSIONEERS!, ask questions in headings e.g. Have you already bought our super book?, use eye-catching phrases e.g. Shock! Michael Jackson is alive! And all other funny stuff that we see throughout our cities and towns.

It is also worth mentioning that the book was published in 2006, but Joe Vitale started working on this subject — selling texts and online sells, early in 1996 when we even did not hear about online. We are not talking about the iron curtain or progressive West, but it seems to me that all the ideas taken from the book and articles are understood quite literally. We can see how they are directly used in flashing advertisements.

I think that issues described in the book could be used successfully, but before implementation you need to adapt and rethink it, because:

  1. Advice would be useless, if book was not written with the use of them.
  1. Personally, I think that manipulation is not a good phenomenon. Yeap, we need to sell a product or a service. Yeap, people do it, some of them do it in an impressive way, some of them — not. This book is useful, since it teaches how to do it effectively. However, there are too high-pressure ways of manipulation. But since we sell, let’s do it with love.



«Люди скорее склонны попадать под влияние слов, чем реальных фактов окружающей среды».

‘People are bent on being more under the influence of words than facts of the environment’.

Ivan Pavlov

Address your customers’ ego in the texts and they will do almost everything you ask them about. You need to prevent concern, predict protestation and give an answer wherever it is needed.

The main principle — people’s interest. The readers are looking for the information of their interests but not yours. Answer the questions while writing: why a reader needs it? Why he/she should pay attention to what you are writing about? You should think about a reader but not about you.

When people are thinking whether buy something or not, they become obsessed with the information. They need comprehensive information. They want the get answers for the questions. Your task — predict all possible questions and include all possible answers into your text.

You can choose such words that the reader needs only to fill in the gaps. Try to ‘push’ the reader towards association that you want to cause. In other words, you can help readers to imagine that they buy your product or service without asking them for it. The trick is to make people imagine themselves like they already have your product. In literal sense, you write about dreams of your potential client and his/her dream comes true. For example, ‘Just imagine yourself being behind the wheel of a luxurious car… ’

Just imagine…

After reading this text, you will get to know new ways…..

Сast mind in 5 years forward…

Just imagine…

Remember, when you were at school…

Imagine, what could be, if you…

Just think what could be, if you…

Imagine yourself…

Remember the smell of…

You remember …

When you write a letter and send a message, do not overload the reader with your ideas. Instead of ‘we are fond of fried doughnuts’ it is better to write ‘you will love our doughnuts ’. Make your message sound more beneficial for the reader.

I am constantly rewriting the letters and asking myself: ‘What can interest the reader most of all?’, then I give an answer. If he/she thinks ‘I cannot believe it is true’, write ‘You can believe it is true?’ — the reader will stay with you.

Start a letter with the idea that is more likely to be accepted by the reader and then focus text on everything you need.

Ask questions that guarantee positive answers.

Use the main principle: give people what they want.


Use pleasure as a tool of motivation, because love moves people. Find something in your product or service that can evoke love and give people reasons to have business with you. Tell the reader everything that is likely to happen when he/she will use your product.

Joe Vitale offers to less remind the readers about their personal problems (Do you have pain in your back? Are you out of money?), but start with good things.

His formula of selling texts looks like: promise — proofs — price.

Promise is headline or header.

Proofs — quotations, feedbacks and statistics.

Price — where and how to buy, bonuses and presents.


 [You can study it at writing courses. The same techniques were used by Bradberry. ]

While being on the stage of writing, do not listen to your inner critic. Switch off the monitor and write everything that comes to your mind. Even if you do not write about you want to, in any case you will write something. In the process of writing you will learn something new.

Later edit your work, make it better and be proud of yourself as the author!

Since you do not buy you own lines, allow those who buy them. Do not listen to your personal editor while writing. Your task is to write.


Practical exercises:

Relax before writing (play the piano, draw a picture).

To feel like you are a great writer, rewrite your favorite pieces of literature freehand. In such a way, you understand the secret of successful writing. The exercise allows to experience the same feeling as Mark Twain and Bruno Schultz. It inspires.

Reading and rewriting of great literature masterpieces is the same as being a sportsman and watch performances of others.

Write letters. To a certain person. Start with the phrase ‘Dear mother’, tell everything what you want to end up with the phrase ‘Sincerely yours’. Later cut out all emotions.

Do not be afraid of repeating keywords and phrases. Repeat them as many times as you want.

Relax. Let the text just be written. Inhale — exhale. Muse visits only relaxed writers.

Write letters in a form of a story, because people are fond of them. What to write about? Write true to life story that happened to one of your client while using your product of service.

Use synonyms, comparisons, analogies, quotations and dialogues.

Apply for dialogues. Everything written in a form of a dialogue subconsciously is taken as something lively and interesting.

Quotations make text spicier. It should be short, relevant and have famous author. The readers want to see inverted commas.

Use open questions. In headline and text itself.

Do not forget about visual attractiveness: short paragraphs, lists, dialogues, large margins and frames.  Then your letter will be interesting even before reading.

Try to delete banner from the upper part of the site to increase sales. Banner distract the attention from the really selling element — the headline.

Try to write the same as you speak.

 ‘if we were taught to speak the same as write, we would stutter’.

Mark Twain


 [Compare headlines of the chapters: ‘Cut their heads’, ‘Cut their legs’]

Hypnotic text needs accurate settings. Play with words, phrases and sentences till every line will have really killing effect.

Every line should work on you. You should rewrite your text till it becomes impeccable.

Get rid of long word (if you do not use them in everyday speech, do not use them while writing).

Try to replace paragraphs. Nobody will notice it.

P.S.  is  the main accent. Use it effectively.

Give 10 copies to your friends. Wait for feedback. Look for the general opinion. If you do not like its headline, change it.

If one person is not satisfied, do not worry.

Ask somebody to read it aloud. All difficult for reading lines will be detected.

Make a pause. Put the text aside for 3 days, 3 week or at least 15 minutes. And move to the next project.

First lines is a warm up. Likely, they will be the odd ones. You can delete the first paragraph and the first chapter. The beginning should be magnetic.

Delete the last 2 paragraphs. But do not do it automatically, just take a critical look at it.

Delete everything that does not have any function in the text. For example, every 6th word. I try to delete everything that the reader will omit.

All readers could be divided into 3 groups — readers who read from the beginning till the end, selective readers and jumpers. Selective readers pay attention only to key words, advantages, subheadings etc. Jumpers do the same but quicker jumping from the headline to postscript looking for the main message. Your text should attract all types of readers.

 [Further the author contradicts himself but you can't knock words out of a song.]

Perfection is your foe. Do whatever you can and move to the next project. Because of the pursuit of perfection you cannot achieve the result. The more you do, the better you become. Quantity is transformed into quality. Do not evaluate your work while writing it. Just write.

Write till the end. Edit as better as you can. And then let your creation float freely.

 ‘Do everything simple but not as simple as anything’.

Albert Einstein


The only they to get to know what you client want is to ask them. Let your potential client express their hearts’ desire.

Ask them and then test. Call, write e-mails visit people from your target audience. Talk with them. Get to know what benefit they want to get from your business.

Too many copywriters trust their own intuition as far as clients’ needs are concerned.  

Find out what the potential customer needs, and tie everything to it. It is necessary to choose one advantage and emphasize it (We will lighten up every thing. Quickly feed with healthy food).

A list of reasons should explain the main advantage. But while giving potential clients too many reasons why they need to buy something  you can get them bored and tired.


Indirect message makes more sales than direct.

Hypnotic stories that stimulate sales are connotation-based.

While creating hypnotic story that stimulates sales, take into account the fact that you send 2 messages — direct and implied. The first one should attract attention, the second — sell.

People rarely argue with their own conclusions. Create the right background. If you want people to think about food, mention lunch. If you want people to think well of you, avoid negative reminders. Let them focus on what they get from your product or service, and let them get carried away by a story that reminds them of their desires.

Personally, I always try to find in a product something that admires. Try to find something new. It attracts.


Frank Perdue from Perdue Farms found  out that 80% of all advertised products were not successful, because in advertisements  consumers were treated like idiots.

The readers can be deceived once, but all in all you can lose them forever.

Every reader is a child. Address this child, and you will succeed in communicating with your reader. Write to the child, who listens to you for as long as you are brief and interesting  — and you will write for all of us.

Integrate excitement in your text. Let your emotions be free. Write to share our feelings.

People are interested in facts, advantages and  reasonable ideas.

Use truthful guarantees and feedback  in your text for people to trust you.

Be faithful to what you are selling.


The author picked up the mongrel on the street. His father laughed and threatened to throw it away. Joe Vitale says that he told his father:

I told my father that I went to the grocery store and, of course, left Spot at the entrance. When I left the store, an old man stood near  Spot and looked at him intently.

- Is it your dog? — asked the man.

-Yes, —  I answered, thinking about what my dog could do when I was gone.

-You have a rare dog, — he said.

- Really?

- Yes, it's a dog of a  rare breed. It costs about a thousand dollars.

-It's not for sale, —  I said, and went home with Spot.

Father began to treat Spot very differently since then.


I deliberately excluded some tips given in this book from this article: 30 ways to write a title, a text efficiency test, an extended version of the recommendations for editing ... It allowed to compress the information on six pages, and also to preserve some intrigue — cherry  still remains on the cake!



Manipulations are focused on subconscious: they bypass consciousness and beat the usual impulses, reactions, and so on. Therefore, it is impossible to manipulate a person who improves the subconscious and makes life more conscious.

You can not  live without manipulation, but not everyone is ready for a dialogue, a sincere, conscious and honest conversation. And first of all with yourself. While we choose to deceive ourselves, not to work on ourselves, not to see ourselves as we are, not to shed light into our subconscious, we say ‘yes’ to manipulation from the outside.

In order not to resort to manipulation and not allow to manipulate you, you should be sincere, and for this you need to know yourself.

To realize, to understand, not to play a role.

Do not manipulate  means simply talking about yourself in the presence of others, rather than cunningly penetrating into their subconscious to meet their own needs and achieve their goals.


Dialogue with others is to exchange ideas, buy what you want from someone who sells the appropriate product but does not impudently impose their imaginary instead of someone's desired.

Why is our life so complicated? Companies spend energy, resources, money, time to invent new manipulative ways of selling, and buyers stupidly accumulate informational and kill time while watching ads.

Most people still live unconsciously, according to the ‘signal-reflex’ scheme.

People manipulate, because they need profit. Nothing else matters. Such people do not work  for the sake of work or a good dream, warm in working with people and for people. It is easier to get profit while deceiving and manipulating people rather than give everything you have inside through the final product of your work, created by a person for the people.  In this case, profit becomes a true reward - for sincere work and uneasy efforts.