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When Is Developing a Landing Page Appropriate?

A landing page, also known as a single-page site or a splash page, is an optimized and focused web page designed to achieve specific marketing or conversion goals.

Product Launches

During a product launch, a landing page can effectively highlight the product’s features, benefits, and call-to-action (CTA). It is an efficient way to capture potential customers’ interest and prompt them to make a purchase or sign up for more information.

Promotional Campaigns

For time-limited promotions, discounts, or special offers, a landing page provides a targeted platform for presentation. This helps create a sense of urgency and directs visitors towards immediate actions such as making a purchase or claiming a coupon.


Lead Generation

Businesses aiming to collect leads can create a landing page to capture visitor information. By offering something valuable, such as an eBook, webinar registration, or a free trial, in exchange for contact details, you can build a reliable database of potential customers.

Event Registrations

Whether organizing online or offline events, a dedicated page where participants can register, learn event details, and view schedules is crucial. A landing page simplifies this process and increases the likelihood of registration through focused content.

Testing Marketing Strategies

Landing pages are perfect for A/B testing different marketing strategies. By creating multiple versions of the page with different elements, such as headlines, images, or CTAs, you can determine which version performs best and optimize your approach accordingly.

Targeted Campaigns

For campaigns targeting specific customer segments or markets, a landing page can be customized to directly address the needs and interests of that audience. This personalization enhances engagement and conversions.

Service Presentation

For service-oriented businesses, creating a landing page for each specific service is beneficial. It allows you to detail how the service works, its advantages, and include client testimonials or case studies to build trust and authority.

Landing pages are versatile tools that can deliver significant results when used correctly. Whether launching a product, running a promotional campaign, collecting leads, or testing marketing strategies, creating a landing page can help you achieve your business goals effectively.

Who needs a landing page?

Why Developing a Landing Page Is the Perfect Choice for Small or New Businesses

A landing page is the optimal solution for small businesses or startups due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Since developing a full website can be a considerable expense, one of the main arguments for choosing a landing page is the relatively low initial investment. This allows businesses to preserve their budget for other essential needs, such as advertising or purchasing goods.

High Conversion and Effective Advertising

Creating a landing page does not require significant financial outlay, and the results can be achieved quickly. This is crucial for businesses just starting out, as time and budget play a pivotal role. Developing a landing page enables you to focus the attention of potential customers on a single product or service, significantly increasing conversion rates.

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Why Should You Order a Landing Page from COI.UA?

Professionalism and Experience

The advertising agency COI Marketing and Software has been developing websites for companies from Ukraine and around the world for over ten years. Together with our clients, we have evolved from creating simple websites that were slow and inconvenient on mobile devices to modern, technological developments that fully meet all client needs and are attractive to users. The mobile version of the site is just as functional as the desktop version.

Wide Geographic Coverage

We started our activity by creating websites in Lviv, and now we work for clients from all over the world. We understand that website development is a serious task, so we ensure the highest level of service and comfort for our clients throughout the entire project.

Stages of Creating Your Own Website with COI.UA

1. Client Introduction and Briefing 

In the first stage, we strive to understand not only the client's wishes but also the needs and specifics of their business.

2. Writing the Technical Specification 

This is a very important stage that not only defines all aspects of the project but also helps both us and the client understand if we can work effectively together. The technical specification must be detailed and high-quality to provide a solid foundation for the successful implementation of the project.

If at this stage the client feels uncomfortable working with us, they can use this technical specification to approach other contractors. On our part, we always strive to achieve maximum understanding and productive cooperation at every stage of website development.

3. Development of the Website Prototype

Depending on the complexity of the project and the client's requirements, we develop a prototype or wireframe of the site at the next stage. The prototype is a visual scheme that resembles a design but does not include color images, animations, or other decorative elements. In essence, the prototype is the visual structure of the site.

The purpose of the prototype is to display the placement and order of blocks on the future site and to align their functionality with the completed technical specification. This allows the client to see the site's structure and make adjustments at an early stage, significantly simplifying further work and ensuring that all site elements meet the client's expectations and needs. The prototype also helps our team focus on functionality and usability, ensuring that the final product is as user-friendly as possible.

4. Design Development

The next stage is design development. Our designers meticulously follow the latest trends in web design and skillfully integrate them into projects. However, we usually prefer restrained designs that keep our clients' websites relevant for several years after release. This is crucial as short-term trends can be fleeting, and we don't want the client's site to look outdated after just a few months. Custom website development is a responsible task, and we consider not only the client's short-term goals but also long-term prospects.

During the design development process, we take into account both aesthetic aspects and ease of use. Each design element is selected to ensure intuitive navigation and a pleasant user experience. We create mockups that demonstrate how the site will look and coordinate them with the client to ensure the design fully meets their expectations and needs.

This approach results in a final product that is not only visually appealing but also functional, promoting effective interaction with site visitors and achieving the client's business goals, as the primary purpose of developing a custom site is to generate profit.

5. HTML/CSS Coding and Programming

After the design is approved, we move on to coding and programming. Our technical specialists work to ensure that the site meets the technical specifications, is fast, and of high quality. Whether it's a landing page or a multi-page site, the development process remains the same.

Frontend developers convert design mockups into web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, ensuring adaptability for different devices and correct display in all browsers. Backend developers create server logic, build the site's architecture, databases, and APIs, ensuring that the site's interactive elements work flawlessly. Our team places special emphasis on the site's performance speed.


HTML/CSS coding and programming are carried out in close collaboration between the design and technical teams, allowing for quick adjustments and ensuring the high quality of the final product. When design and web development go hand in hand, the result is truly outstanding, and we guarantee that the site will be not only visually appealing but also technically perfect.

6. Testing

We perform manual testing for small projects and additional load and performance tests for complex ones.

7. Release and Training

After the site is approved by the client, we proceed with the release and train the client or their representatives on how to update content and use the admin panel.

8. Technical Support and Promotion

After completing the work on the site, we offer our clients a contract for technical maintenance and support, as well as advertising and promotion services. Ordering site promotion from COI Marketing and Software is advantageous because when different contractors develop and promote a site, the responsibility for unsatisfactory results can often be shifted from one to another.

When a single company handles both the development and promotion of the site, we take full responsibility for the results. We know how we developed the site, are confident in its quality and technical excellence, and are ready to ensure its effective promotion in search networks. This helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures maximum productivity of our efforts in achieving your business goals.

Why COI.UA for Your Landing Page?
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Our Services Include:

  • Technical Maintenance

Regular updates, monitoring, and error correction.

  • Support

Prompt assistance in resolving any issues related to the website's operation.

  • Promotion

Strategic SEO, contextual advertising, social media, and other tools to attract new clients.

By ordering comprehensive services from COI Marketing and Software, you get not only a high-quality website but also a full range of solutions for its successful functioning and development.


Choosing COI Marketing and Software means you gain a reliable partner for your business development. We provide comprehensive services that begin with an in-depth analysis of your business and the creation of a tailored technical specification. Our designers create modern, trendy, yet timeless designs that will remain relevant for many years. The technical team ensures fast and high-quality website performance, regardless of its complexity.

After the website development is complete, we conduct detailed training so you can independently update content and use the admin panel. Our services do not end with the release – we offer technical support, including regular maintenance and site updates, as well as promoting your resource on the internet to attract new clients.

By ordering a landing page from COI Marketing and Software, you receive not just a website but a full range of services for successful online promotion of your business. We do everything possible to ensure your site is not only visually appealing but also an effective tool for achieving your business goals.


Calculate the estimated cost of creating a landing page using our calculator:

Additional blocks
100 $
Slider (image or video background)
110 $
90 $
«Image with text on it» Block
80 $
Image and text block
60 $
Text block
40 $
Image block
50 $
«Image with text and button» Block
80 $
Contacts block
120 $
Social media block
40 $
A block with directions and types of goods, which changes information after a click
90 $
860 $
Main dropdown-icon
Header close-icon
Slider (image or video background) close-icon
Footer close-icon
«Image with text on it» Block close-icon
Image and text block close-icon
Text block close-icon
Image block close-icon
«Image with text and button» Block close-icon
Contacts block close-icon
Social media block close-icon
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Additional blocks dropdown-icon
Copywriting dropdown-icon
Design dropdown-icon

Cost of Creating a Website at COI.UA

One of the most popular questions from our clients is about the cost of creating a website. On our page, you can use the calculator, which includes the main blocks for creating a Landing Page, to get an approximate price estimate. However, each project is unique, and the price is determined individually based on the client's request, project complexity, deadlines, and other factors.

By filling out the form on our website, you will receive a consultation from our project manager, who can better guide you on the cost of creating a website based on your requirements and provide a breakdown of all the work and their duration, which forms the final cost of the website.

Average Market Cost of a Website

When discussing the average market cost, creating a turnkey website at our company will be slightly more expensive than the average rate. This is because we rarely work with template solutions (only with the client's agreement). For each website, even a Landing Page, we develop an individual site structure, architecture, prototype, and design. We typically choose technologies that allow for future site enhancements, such as transforming it into a multi-page website while retaining the design of the initial landing page.

Individual Approach

There is no straightforward answer to the question, "How much does it cost to develop a website?" as no two websites are the same, and the price will vary in each case. We base our pricing policy on the estimated time required after analyzing the client's request.


In our portfolio, you can find examples of landing pages and multi-page websites, which clearly showcase our level of work and professionalism. Creating landing page websites takes less time than creating multi-page websites but requires more detailed work on the structure, placement of blocks, and key elements. Therefore, we also involve marketers in the structural development process.


If you are unsure whether to develop a website or a landing page, fill out the form on our website. Our manager will be able to consult you on the pros and cons of each option. Of course, the cost of a one-page site is lower, but in many cases, creating a landing page fully meets the company's needs. The manager will also advise you on the prices for landing page development and the overall process.

Regional Considerations

The cost of a one-page site does not depend on the city where you operate. You can order the development of a landing page in Lviv, Kyiv, or Singapore. The only difference will be the content cost if you want us to handle it, depending on the content's language. At COI.UA, you can order a turnkey landing page and receive a functional, high-conversion landing page that will generate profits for your business.

Order a Landing Page from COI.UA

Don't hesitate in choosing the right partner for your business! By ordering a landing page from COI Marketing and Software, you receive not only a stylish and functional site but also a comprehensive approach to its development and promotion. Our specialists ensure a high level of service, a personalized approach, and the most advanced technologies to create an effective tool for your business.

Fill out the form below and get a consultation from our manager today. Let us help your business reach new heights with a professional landing page from COI.UA!

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