Zemlekup is a company specializing in the sale of land plots. For those interested in investing in land resources or planning to engage in agriculture, such assistance is very necessary and relevant. The company offers a full range of services, including legal consultations, checks, notarial services, and more. Ukrainian land is a great opportunity for investment, and we are sincerely pleased that this sector is developing, and companies like Zemlekup provide high-quality service to investors.
In this project, the COI.UA team was tasked with developing an online store for Zemlekup, specializing in the sale of land plots. One of the key objectives was to create an interactive map of land plots that would automatically overlay on the map based on coordinates provided in the administrative panel. When designing the website, our goal was to ensure a modern and concise appearance while making it as user-friendly as possible. The color palette was chosen to be associated with land and harvest, emphasizing the essence of the company.
We have developed a modern website with the ability to view land plots in information blocks or on a map, extensive sorting options, and a user-friendly filter. We chose a color palette in shades of black and dark green. Users can select any number of available land plots, add them to the cart, and request a consultation with a manager regarding their purchase. The FAQ section provides detailed answers to all common customer questions and explains the land plot purchasing process. The website design includes responsiveness to various devices, ensuring excellent speed and user-friendliness.

Web design

We traditionally started the web design development with the creation of a Style Guide. This document contains all the elements used on the website. The Style Guide also includes the entire color palette, gradients, shadows, button styles, and text block styles. Such a document ensures the integrity and consistency of the web design style across the entire website. The design also takes into account the requirements for high contrast fonts and other elements for comfortable use by people with visual impairments.

Mobile Adaptation

The COI.UA team has developed an adaptive version of the online store for "Zemlekup." We ensured an equally high-quality user experience on various devices while maintaining a modern design and fast loading times. The website's adaptability allows users to easily search for and purchase land plots on any device, increasing comfort and accessibility.

We carefully designed and tested the adaptive version to provide the same modern and user-friendly appearance on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Web Development

Our COI.UA team put in maximum effort to create a website for "Zemlekup" that meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. One of the key features of the website is a complex sorting and filtering system that allows users to quickly and efficiently find land plots based on multiple parameters.

We developed an interactive map where land plots are automatically overlaid according to the coordinates specified in the admin panel. This provides users with the ability to visually assess the locations and accessibility of the land plots.

Additionally, our team connected and customized the map of Ukraine to fit the project's needs, displaying and grouping all available land plots. This interactive map enables users to quickly navigate and find the plots they are interested in.

Furthermore, we implemented page transitions without the need to reload static content, adding convenience and speed to user navigation. Our development is based on cutting-edge technologies, including Python and Django for the backend, as well as Vue.js and Nuxt.js for the frontend, ensuring a stable and productive website operation.


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