Reddytec is a Swiss company specializing in enterprise management consulting and ServiceNow project implementations. We at COI.UA always enjoy working on websites for our colleagues because they operate with clear technical specifications and articulate their preferences. It was important for us to develop a website that is as precise and reliable as a Swiss watch.
The main task of this project was to create an informational website for a Swiss technology company. We aimed to develop a modern design that would reflect the technological nature of the company and instill trust in users. Additionally, our goal was to ensure high speed and adaptability of the website to various devices to make it accessible to a wide range of users.
The COI.UA team embarked on this project with a deep understanding that our primary task was to create a relevant informational web presence that would reflect the technological expertise of our client. We focused on developing a modern and dynamic design that would emphasize the company's reputation in the technology industry, improved the website's performance, and ensured its adaptability to various devices. The result of our work is a contemporary and functional website that showcases our client's core values and capabilities, helping them attract new clients and expand their business.


Prototyping is considered the foundation for successful web design. When creating the structure of a website, prototyping allows for maximum convenience and clarity for visitors. Using prototypes efficiently places visual and call-to-action elements without distractions from intricate visuals, icons, and other details. As a result, a website developed based on a well-crafted prototype maintains a consistent style and easy navigation, making it user-friendly.


At the client's request, at the beginning of the web design process, we developed several header options for Reddytec's team to choose the most appealing one. Each of them is unique and reflects the essence of the company. Some are characterized by simplicity and a classic approach, while others feature a vibrant color accent that catches the eye. The header is the first thing a client sees on your website, so we fully support our client's approach.


During the development of the website for Reddytec, the COI.UA team utilized modern technologies to create a functional and efficient web solution. We chose Python, along with the Django framework, for the server-side development, and Vue.js + Nuxt.js for the frontend. This combination ensured reliability, speed, and an intuitive interface for users.

Responsive design

For the Reddytec project, we took adaptability seriously. Our team guarantees that the website is fully adapted and optimized for various screen sizes and devices. Whether you're visiting the website from a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, the site automatically adapts for the best user experience. We employed advanced responsive design techniques to ensure consistently high-quality interaction for every visitor, regardless of the chosen device.

Collaboration with COI.UA

We take pride in the website we've created for Reddytec, a result of our collaborative effort with the client. The website isn't just high-quality; it's genuinely impressive! We've crafted a site that reflects the essence of Reddytec and delivers an outstanding user experience. If you're looking for a cool and functional website of your own, don't hesitate to reach out to us at COI.UA. Our team is always ready to turn your ideas into reality. Order development at COI.UA and experience the quality of our services for yourself!

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