Publ.Advance — a global team dedicated to assisting researchers, research organizations, and educational institutions in publishing scientific articles in specialized journals, freeing up more of their time and resources for high-quality scientific work. Our goal is to develop a brochure website for Publ.Advance.
The task for COI.UA's team was to develop a multilingual and functional business card website for Publ.Advance.The web design was meant to be academic and concise, yet modern and trendy. Adapting the site for mobile devices, ensuring fast loading speeds, and providing clear focal points for each segment of the target audience were the client's main requirements.
In response to the stated request, we have developed a modern and concise prototype for the future website. At the client's request, we have also created and adapted visual graphical schemes for collaboration and an impressive map for visualizing the client's geographical work. The mobile version has been designed to be exceptionally streamlined. To add an academic touch to the website, we opted for a light theme in web design with precise vibrant accents. Hover effects and animations enhance user-friendliness and give the site a certain charm.


The development of a prototype is the foundation of high-quality web design. Creating a website structure that is as user-friendly and understandable as possible is of great importance. Prototyping also allows for the effective placement of visual and Call to Action elements without getting distracted by intricate images, icons, and more. A website developed based on a well-crafted prototype maintains a consistent style and easy navigation.

Web design

The web design development for Publ.Advance brought nothing but satisfaction to the COI.UA designers. It's always a pleasure to work on concise websites with classic navigation. Minimalism with subtle hints of extravagance is currently in vogue. Even a simple design can be made special with small details like hovers, icons, light gradients, or non-standard image shapes.

Website development

The website was developed using nuxt.js and vue.js technologies for the frontend, and the WordPress content management system was chosen for the administrative part of the site. A constructor was created for each service page, allowing the client to dynamically change the content of these presentation pages as needed. The FAQ section is not the same throughout the entire site, as is usually done, but is separate for each service. This approach allows highlighting the questions that are most relevant to each interested client. An individual FAQ section is integrated into the main landing page of the website.

Mobile Adaptation

The website is responsive to any screen size and device. During adaptation, the main content is clearly emphasized following the classic principles of mobile website adaptation. The website maintains high performance even on mobile connections. To enhance speed, we've implemented smooth transitions between pages without reloading static content.

Publ.Advance's website design captures attention with its minimalistic elegance and subtle accents that make the site stand out. Furthermore, fast loading times and intuitive navigation make visiting the website a pleasant and productive experience.


One of the significant advantages of collaborating with COI.UA is our readiness to work with various technologies, without limiting ourselves to a single approach. This allows us to analyze each project and select the most optimal technologies to optimize the cost of website development, taking into account the needs of each client.


Our COI.UA team is ready to create for you an equally attractive and functional website. Order website development with COI.UA and enjoy the quality and impressions of your updated site!

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