Plast Lviv

Working with Plast Lviv is a highly responsible task, as the website will be used by various audience groups, including activists and patriots, such as children, youth, parents, and sponsors. Essentially, two separate websites had to be developed: one for the local chapter and another for volunteer initiatives. A versatile donation system was implemented, along with a user-friendly section for reports.
Our task was to develop two integrated websites for Plast Lviv in a unified style. Each website had to be multilingual, and the pages were to be generated as modules from the administrative panel. Additionally, we needed to create a convenient system for donations, with various payment methods, both personal and anonymous, according to the sponsor's preference. We also had to provide a consistent navigation scheme that applied to both pages and individual blocks to ensure a seamless user experience while navigating the website. Of course, we also had to develop a mobile version of the website.
To tackle the task for Plast Lviv, we employed a comprehensive approach. We created a multilingual platform for the website, allowing easy switching between different languages to cater to various audiences. Our team developed an administrative panel, enabling administrators to build website pages like a constructor, adding, modifying, and removing blocks and modules. This provides flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt the website's content to current needs and events. For fundraising purposes, we designed an integrated system that supports various payment methods, including personal and anonymous donations from patrons. This streamlines the fundraising process and makes it accessible to a wide range of users. Additionally, we developed a mobile version of the website to ensure convenient access from smartphones and tablets, as the growth of mobile traffic is a contemporary reality for websites. The implemented solution provides Plast Lviv with a powerful tool for engaging audiences, collecting funds, and delivering essential information relevant to their activities and interactions with various user groups.

Prototype development

When developing the structure and prototype for Plast Lviv, we took into account all the navigation requirements outlined by the client and proposed our solutions. Considering that the website is quite extensive with many sections, it was crucial to simplify user interaction to the maximum. 

Since the pages are implemented as a constructor, special attention was paid to ensuring that each block adapts seamlessly and accurately to various screen sizes.


Modern technologies were utilized in the development of the website, without being confined to management systems or templates. Consequently, the website has the potential to grow and evolve over time. New features can be added, and approaches can be updated in line with trends and the demands of the times.


In addition to the prototype and designs for desktop and mobile versions, our designers always create a Style Guide that serves as a reference for their work. This document ensures consistency in styles for buttons, fonts, underlines, and any other elements of the website. This way, the website maintains a cohesive and unified look.

Adaptive design

Adaptive design is no longer a whim but a necessity. That's why in every project, we develop a separate design for the mobile version. This ensures not only that all elements will display correctly on smartphones and tablets but also provides consistency in focus and the proper order of information presentation for the user.

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