Pava Logistics Inc

Pava Logistics Inc is a logistics company in the United States that has been providing services in 48 continental states for more than 11 years, working with major national brands and shipping 24/7. For Pava Logistics Inc, we worked on branding, SMM and developed a business card website.
Our task was to create a presentable "icon" of the company through the development of corporate identity, user-friendly modern site and the active presence of Pava Logistics Inc in the social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.
We started with working on branding; we developed a logo that conveys the conciseness and clear mission of the company, and a brand book. Then, according to the brand book, we created a business card site, focusing on the target audience and customer requests. Later, we worked on the quality content for social networks.


The logo contains a unique font composition and the main corporate colors: black and burgundy-purple. We paid special attention to the letter P, making it recognizable and accented.

Logo variations

We made all versions of the logo for Pava Logistics Inc in accordance with the corporate style, providing detailed rules of use of the logo, colors and fonts.

Logo use

The clear space around the logo provides the best visual perception, additional graphic elements are not provided. It is not allowed to use any other colors, lines, contours, etc. Also, any rotation of the logo is prohibited — only its horizontal use is allowed. 



The company's products all contain Pava Logistics Inc corporate colors, which are white, burgundy-purple and black. In the brand book, we worked on samples of branded clothing and driver caps, as well as vehicle branding to evoke a direct association with the brand. The color palette is easy to combine and adapt to any format. 


We have developed a site structure that makes it easy for users to navigate the website. The blocks of the site are conveniently located and easy to find. The structure of the site and the wireframe are created taking into account the requests of our client and the needs of his potential customers.



The site is concise and user-friendly;  from the first glance, it is clear how it works and where to click. We have divided the emphasis on the site: some pages are aimed at attracting customers, and some are developed specifically for drivers. In this way, we took care of the client's need to receive orders and attract new staff at the same time. 


Adaptive design

The company's website works equally well in the desktop version and on mobile devices. All functionality and design are adapted to any format of gadgets, so it is convenient for users to search for the necessary information using any device.


We also took care of the holistic look of the pages on social networks; we created informative advertising posts with high-quality images. While preparing content plans, we relied on a coordinated promotion strategy and corporate colors to evoke a unique visual impression among potential customers. We used "live" photos of employees from business trips, as well as from team-buildings to interest drivers who would like to work at Pava Logistics Inc.


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