Lviv Park of Culture

Lviv Park of Culture named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky is not only a monument of garden and park art, but also one of the favorite entertainment places for the townspeople. We developed a website and a mobile application for the Park, as well as content for social networks and printing.
Park of Culture is a popular recreation place in Lviv. Our task was to develop a functional website and an application that would support visitors` interest in the Park and would keep them up to date.
We reported information about the events in the Park via Facebook page. Additionally, a calendar in a mobile application allows users to browse through current Park`s news and announcements of events, and the interactive map makes it possible to choose the optimal walking route.


For the Park of Culture, we have developed a design of entrance tickets for children and adults. The tickets were made in two colors to make it easy for visitors to use them, with the design being light and unobtrusive, containing elements that are associated with the Park. 



For Park of Culture, we’ve developed a neat and dynamic website. We've worked on animation and bright page design. For the convenience of users, we have simplified navigation and developed a map of locations. All the necessary information about working hours, ticket prices, etc. is easy to find by one click on the icon of the Home page.


The main social media to contact the audience for Park of Culture is Facebook. We presented park events, locations and news, and lively cosy photos of visitors helped us to attract the audience.

Mobile app

The developed app-guide to the Park of Culture allows users to determine their current location using GPS, find out the Park`s schedule and cost of tickets to amusement rides, read the announcements of events and news of the Park, etc. Users can easily find all the necessary information thanks to the available filters.


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