Malyna is a Ukrainian girls' clothing store. Based on the client's previous website, we developed a new one, retaining the style and expanding its functionality.
Choosing children's clothing involves parents and children, so the main task was to make the website appealing to both target audiences. Both we and the client understood the need for unobtrusive design, intuitive navigation, and a simple order form.
With Malyna, we developed and programmed the website "from scratch." We understand that for an online store, the convenience of ordering and a clear product structure are essential. We simplified the site's search functionality and placed a catalog of all products, collections, and lookbooks in the header. We created a simple and fast order form with options for choosing delivery and payment methods.


We added pop-up messages to display the store's promotions and special offers. We optimized images and styles, ensuring fast loading and smooth performance of the website. For performance analysis, we used the Google PageSpeed Insights service.

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