The online service Flycard we have developed, turns people's photos into modern postcards and delivers those to their beloved ones. Flycard creates a unique postcard here and now, thus embodying the desire of many users to share emotions in the moment.
This project is the idea of COI. We love to travel and know that travel photos are of special value. These pictures can be turned into postcards, and postcards can be sent to your family or friends in a cute old-school way — by mail. That’s the idea we wanted to implement with the help of an online service.
Our work on the service began with defining the target audience to better understand who to target and how to successfully interact with potential users. We have developed a modern site with a simple form: a person can easily upload a photo and create your own postcard.

Online service

Users can conveniently download photos from their gallery and edit them in the control panel: crop photos, change brightness, and even add a sticker of a country and a postmark. You can also create a mailing list, and Flycard will send a notification when it sends a postcard and the user receives it.


Structure and prototype

We took care of the proper placement of buttons, images, headers and other elements and provided a simple and convenient navigation within the site. Flycard is convenient to use thanks to the thought-out interface.

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