ELD Horizonpath

ELD Horizonpath is a web app designed for fast communication between dispatchers and truck drivers. The functionality of the application allows for effective transportation management. It consists of two interdependent applications — a desktop version for dispatchers and smartphone version for truck drivers.
We were given quite a general task — to create a program for coordinating the work of the logistics company. So we created an application with a wide range of functionality that is not available in other similar applications.
We started by studying the specifics of how logistics companies work. Then, we have developed a system that helps to conduct all necessary operations more efficiently.


We have created an elegant structure of the application, which allows users to find the necessary information and perform the operations they need with only two clicks. This simplifies the work of drivers who shouldn’t distract themselves from the road, and dispatchers, who must constantly monitor the large amount of data.

Drivers tab

The tab contains all the information about drivers — names, phone numbers, emails, and even their current location! Information about a specific driver can be quickly found using the search by name or surname.

Vehicles tab

We have collected information on all corporate vehicles in a separate tab. Here you can see which trucks are available and which vin-code is assigned to the particular car. Bright colored status labels help to quickly determine if the vehicle is on duty, is in motion, has stopped or awaits for cargo loading/unloading.

Vehicle’s maintenance

We created a separate tab to monitor the technical condition of trucks and not to miss the next technical inspection of the car. The program automatically sends a reminder to the dispatcher when the truck reaches the required mileage. 


The interactive map allows either to detect the online location and the status of all the vehicles at once, or to track down a particular van. Users can also construct a route for a specific driver, or view the history of the truck's location.

Report tab

The «Report» tab contains information about the working hours of each of the drivers: one can see when the truck went on the route, when it stopped for rest, and when the unloading/ loading was conducted. The functionality of the app allows the dispatcher to make adjustments to the reports, in particular, if the driver made a mistake and indicated the wrong status

Archive page

Due to legislation, the information on performed cargo delivery should be archived. The app we developed allows you to save information that can later be easily browsed through, using a number of filter options: by driver’s name or ID, by vin code etc. 

Registration and Sign in page

We have made the process of registration and signing into the program as convenient as possible, because we know that in logistics time is money. All you have to do to register is enter your name, email and password, and later just provide your email and password to sign in.

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