All on 4

"All on 4" is a Ukrainian Union of Dental Surgeons, specializing in the method of making prosthetic teeth on 4 implants. The client requested the development of a website to promote their services and make it easier for patients to make an appointment with a specialist in a convenient location.
Our task was to develop a site that is convenient to use for the target audience of the union - people aged 60+. The website should have well-structured and clear information about prosthetics and the ability to easily contact the union representatives.
We have developed a concise and easy-to-use site, filled it with up-to-date information on the "All for 4" method and accurate photos. The ready-made web resource is intuitive even for those users who rarely use a computer or a smartphone.


We have developed a concise logo of the "All on 4" union in three versions: vertical, horizontal and abbreviated. We have also selected attractive branded fonts, colors and described the terms of their use.

Structure and prototype

It was important for the client that site users could find what they were looking for and make an appointment quickly. We have created a preliminary structure of the site in accordance with all the wishes of the client to show what the future web resource will look like and how the information will be posted.



The website for the "All on 4" union is highly functional, not oversaturated with additional elements or text. All blocks are structured so that they allow finding information, making an appointment or contacting the union easily.





We paid special attention to the specifics of the union, the features of the service and the promotion strategy. The first page contains the most important information about the method, common problems of patients, stages of treatment, and a list of doctors who can be contacted.


Adaptive design

The All on 4 website works equally well on computers and mobile devices. All functionality and design are adapted to any format of gadgets, so it is convenient for users to sign up for treatment using any device.


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