7 Office is the supplier of stationery, packaging materials, household goods, etc. For 7 Office we have developed a branded online store with a wide range of goods. A significant advantage of the store is a convenient delivery and payment system.
Our task was to develop an online store with a wide range of functionality, intuitive navigation and the ability to quickly make an order. In addition, we sought to create a convenient search system and simple forms for ordering goods.
We have developed a convenient and user-friendly online store, taking into account all the expectations of the client. As a result, 7 Office received a modern universal product, easy to use for the target audience.


For the 7 Office online store, we developed easy navigation, a clear page structure and a clear product catalog. A simple search and filtering system helps you easily navigate the site and quickly find the right product. 



It is convenient for users of the 7 Office online store to collect a basket of necessary goods with the help of systematized filters and choose the method of delivery and payment. They can also automatically save multiple contact options, delivery addresses, favorite product lists, and view an archive of previous orders.

Personal account

Login forms to the personal account are concise, clear and easy to fill. If necessary, customers can easily reset the access password and continue using the account. 

Photo shoot

We conducted professional photography of goods for the client. The work focused on the colors in which the site is made in order to place the correct color accents. This makes the home page look perfect and attracts the user's attention.

Adaptive design

As part of the project, we have developed an adaptive design that retains its structure and design on any device. We took into account all the elements of UX / UI design, so the site is convenient to use in both desktop and mobile versions.

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