Ordering the development of a showcase website

Having your own website for business is like having a business card you can be proud of. It's important, isn't it? But not every business needs a huge online store from day one. Sometimes all you need is a place on the web where you can say: 'Hello, here we are, here are our products or services. Take a look, you might like something.' It's like a small, but beautiful store in the city center, where everyone can drop by. Such a showcase website is the perfect start to show the world that you are here and ready for new meetings and opportunities.

If you only have a few products, or if your customers usually buy after a detailed discussion with a manager, then why overpay for a big and complex online store? Similarly, if your product is something unique or exclusive, where a customer buys one item at a time, then a simple business card website can handle this perfectly. It can be like an elegant showcase where your products are presented from their best side, and instead of a cart – a simple feedback form or a phone number for ordering. This also adds more humanity to the interaction, as your clients communicate directly with you or your team, rather than just throwing goods into a virtual basket.

What is a showcase website?

A showcase website can be likened to a cozy living room, where each item is arranged with taste and care. It's not that huge store where everything is mixed up, and you can easily get lost. Here, there are no complicated basket systems or online payments, but that's not necessary. Each product is presented in a way that allows you to enjoy its viewing, and if questions arise, you can always directly contact the manager. It's like turning to an expert in your favorite bookstore to learn more about a book that has caught your interest.

Minimalist Design and Simple Management

The minimalist design of a showcase website is its calling card. It's not overloaded with unnecessary details, making each product look attractive and its information easily readable. It's like a beautifully decorated store window that entices passersby to stop and look inside.

Furthermore, a showcase website is about simplicity in management. If you need to update information about a product or add new items, it can be done easily and quickly, without delving into complex settings. It's like changing books on a shelf or adding a new item to your living room. Everything is straightforward, understandable, and doesn't require extra effort.

Key Features of a Showcase Website:

1. Minimalist Design

The site is simple and clean, free of unnecessary details, making it user-friendly.

2. Focused on Easy Product Browsing

Everything is organized to allow easy finding and viewing of any product.

3. Absence of a Shopping Cart and Online Payments

No complexities in purchasing; if you like something, just get in touch with us.

4. Emphasis on Direct Customer Communication

We want to communicate with you directly to provide better assistance.

5. Ease of Management

Changing information on the site is as easy as changing a photo in a frame.

6. Simplicity in Updating Product Catalog

Adding or removing products from the site is as straightforward as rearranging items on a shelf.

Why Order the Development of a Showcase Website?

Ordering the development of a showcase website can be an excellent choice for several reasons:

1. Cost

If your business is still young and you have a limited budget, a showcase website is a more economical option. It requires less expenditure on development and maintenance compared to a full-fledged online store.

2. Product Range

If you have a small number of products (up to 30-50) and they are well-grouped, a showcase website allows you to present them effectively. It's the ideal option if you don't expect customers to buy many products at once.

3. Expansion Possibility

Starting with a showcase website, you always have the opportunity to expand its functionality in the future. With the right choice of technology and contractor, your website can evolve into a full-fledged online store over time.

4. Business Specifics

For some types of businesses, a large online store may be unnecessary. For example, if your product requires personal consultation before purchase, or if you do not plan to significantly expand your assortment, a showcase website will be more than sufficient.

Thus, a showcase website is a cost-effective, flexible, and efficient solution for certain types of businesses, especially in the early stages of development.

Ordering a Showcase Website from COI.UA

When you choose COI.UA for the creation of your showcase website, you choose more than just quality service. You opt for a guarantee of transparency and high professionalism at every step of our cooperation. At COI.UA, we offer a full range of services that cover everything: from the meticulous development of technical tasks to the launch and subsequent promotion of your website. Each project is accompanied by a personal manager, ensuring not only effective communication but also an individual approach to your needs and expectations.

Showcase Website Samples from COI.UA

In this article, we want to show you a couple of our favorite projects that, in our opinion, truly stand out. But, of course, this is just a drop in the ocean of what we can do! In our portfolio, you will find many more excellent works, and in the "Prices" section on our website, all the necessary information regarding costs.

If you want to learn more or receive a personalized offer for your project, please fill out the form under this article. We will definitely contact you to discuss all the details and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working together!

Landing-Showcase Swisswoodenmap: Aesthetics and Functionality

For Swisswoodenmap, we decided to use the showcase format because the company offers only a limited number of products and does not plan to expand them significantly. This choice is ideal, as usually only one map is purchased at a time. In the rare cases where a client wants to order several maps, we recommend making separate orders, which can then be combined by the manager. This approach allowed the company to save significantly, as the website consists of only one page and does not include a basket, but this absolutely meets the needs of the clients.

We created a stylish and modern website design, added bilingualism as per the client's wishes. We also used photographs provided by the client to model the look of the products in various typical interiors.

As a result of our work, a stylish and user-friendly website emerged. It not only showcases Swisswoodenmap's products but also encourages visitors to purchase, presenting how map-paintings look in a cozy home atmosphere. This approach allows customers to more easily imagine how these maps will fit into their home's comfort.

Showcase Website for the Company Zemlekup

Last year, our team received an interesting and unconventional order from the company Zemlekup, which deals in the sale of land plots for agricultural needs and other purposes. They approached us with a unique request, but we don't shy away from challenges, as our wide range of technologies allows us to meet the most diverse demands and whims of our clients.

Apart from creating a fairly typical business card site, Zemlekup asked us to develop a detailed catalog of their land plots. We designed this catalog in such a way that potential buyers can easily view information about the plots, filter them according to required parameters, check their location and visualization on the map. After selecting one or several plots, clients can conveniently fill out an application, which is then processed by a Zemlekup manager.

Working on the Zemlekup website project was a new experience for us, especially in the aspects of cartography and visualization of land plots. We learned a lot during this development.

In the visual design of the site, we chose a combination of black and green colors. The black color embodies the depth and fertility of Ukrainian land, while green symbolizes the freshness of the harvest and natural ecology. These colors not only reflect the essence of Zemlekup's activities but also create a strong visual effect, making the site attractive and memorable.

Your Special Project with COI.UA

At COI.UA, we are always ready to bring our clients' unique ideas to life. If you are considering developing a showcase website, contact us through the form below, and we will be happy to discuss your project, offering personalized solutions and a professional approach.

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