We have developed a product that is easy to sync with 1C or any other database, as well as adapt the design to your brand. You will receive a full-fledged online store in just about TWO weeks! And you can not only increase sales in difficult quarantine conditions, but also invest in the future of your business.

Ready technical solution that sells!

Shortly before the start of quarantine, we developed an online store, the functionality and design of which can be adapted to the products of any brand. This is a so-called design tool with individual blocks, which are easy to rearrange, change shape or design and generally adapt to any business.

In a short time you will receive a working online store, and your customers — the opportunity to choose and buy the goods they need, 24/7. No more binding to a limited operator schedule.

Online store = care for customer comfort

Everyone wants to use convenient and fast resources, and especially customers who pay you.

The technical solution of the COI team is a profitable investment, free from shortcomings. We synchronize your database (1C or any other), and all products will appear in the catalogue of the web resource. This online store is a beautiful and functional "packaging" for your products that sells.

Functional-chameleon, or How you get a branded web resource

Our technical solution is easy to adapt to any type of product. What's more, after customization, the online store will look as if the functionality was created just for your business!

We will design the site in accordance with your corporate colors, take into account the logo and other branded elements, so your resource will be not only functional but also stylish.

Order and pay for purchases in a beautiful way!

How many customers have you already lost because they don't want to go to your store or order by phone? We are convinced: a lot. But with the online store you can collect a cart and pay for purchases right then and there. Our online store is easy to connect to any payment system. The buyer collects the cart, enters his data, chooses the method of payment and voila — the order is already rushing to him!

Online shopping is not just a quarantine solution

The need for online shopping will neither disappear today nor tomorrow. It is likely that many shoppers who got so used to shopping in front of a monitor during quarantine will not return to offline shopping. Therefore, the implementation of our technical solution will bring you profits both during and after the lockdown.

Online store from COI is for those who do not want to spend time on long-term development of the site and want to get a quality product at the same time. We will launch such a web resource for you in approximately 2 weeks.

The crisis is an occasion to gather and develop in new, albeit harsh, conditions, because that is the only way you can survive in the market. If you wish, the COI team will be with you throughout the journey. After all, we are engaged not only in web development, but also in setting up advertising, business consulting and promotion on social networks.

Why does your business need these services?

Research on competitors, developing a target audience map and creating marketing strategy is crucial to understand who to conquer in the market, who of all people will be on your side as a customer and in what direction to move forward.

SMM is needed to make the army of supporters bigger. For them spreading the word, be the first to know about updates, and receive promotional perks for favoring you.

Contextual advertising is an advertising to hit at long distances. Try reaching out to a potential customer without the help of advertising on Google search engines or partner sites! It is unlikely that anything will work out.

With us, there will be no space-scale money wasting on ads, banners, or Facebook posts. Our specialists work locally and with the most optimized budget.

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COI is being ranked as Top Digital Advertising Agency by DesignRush and hyperlink Digital Advertising Agency

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