The purpose of online stores is to sell

In COI we will not create a site that you or your buddies will appreciate. Instead, we will develop a "portal" that will sell to your target audience.

A quality website is your best consultant; it will confidently sell to your TA, it will raise the credibility of the company and it will always be able to show you transparent reports. The task of COI team is to create an "employee" who will become a "jackpot" for your business.

What will you get?
A selling tool that does not "get tired" of working 24/7.
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Website is like a store with 24/7 open hours, where clients can buy whenever they want.
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A site that "negotiates" easily with your database.
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We will synchronize the website with your database without any troubles.
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A stylish website in corporate colors.
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Your website will differ from the others and will be eye-catching for your TA.
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A well-thought-out administrative system.
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We will gladly teach your manager to use the admin system.
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Less time to process orders and opportunities to reach new market share.
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Improve your business and let your online store do the sales job for you!
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What about the cost?

"How much does your site / advertising cost?" is a question that always confuses us, because there is no universal answer. Therefore, we have developed a calculator that will help you get an approximate cost online. For an exact estimate, contact us; we will count everything to the last penny.

Unit of production
Personal account
Synchronization with 1C
100 $
80 $
180 $
Catalog (with an option to add product categories to the image block)
120 $
140 $
Types of products
180 $
Information block with text and image
60 $
100 $
New items and sales
100 $
Popular categories (with an option to add selected categories to the image block)
100 $
Slider with products or brands
100 $
Newsletter subscription (e-mail database collection)
80 $
2400 $
Main dropdown-icon
Header close-icon
Footer close-icon
Slider close-icon
Catalog dropdown-icon
Main structure (goods, categories, bread crumbs) close-icon
Unit of production dropdown-icon
Basic structure (product photo, description, specifications, additional photos, the ability to add to the cart) close-icon
Cart dropdown-icon
Basic structure (display, open and delete products added to the cart) close-icon
Checkout dropdown-icon
Personal account dropdown-icon
Blog dropdown-icon
Synchronization with 1C dropdown-icon
Copywriting dropdown-icon
Design dropdown-icon
The tour is over.
Let's get to work!
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