They say love is when you want to touch. We’ll help you make your brand remembered, loved and appealing, so that the users want to “touch” it, recognize it and stay with you for a long time. 

What will you get:
Customer’s understanding of the goals and values of your brand.
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Customers want to know more about you. We will help them to fall in love with your brand.
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Outstanding naming and slogans that will favourably present you on market.
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Based on your values and services, we will create a unique name and slogan for your company.
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Corporate style development, including logo, color pallette and brand book.
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We will create a logo and a brand book with description of your brand specialties.
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High-quality printing and merchandise as we work with reliable companies.
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We cooperate with publishing agencies, and gladly will help you with flyers, business cards, etc.
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"All inclusive" marketing support for your brand.
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We will promote your brand according to the approved marketing strategy.
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Brandbook development
Slogan development
Character development
Naming for ukrainian market (up to 10 variants)
600 $
Naming for foreign market (latin or cyrillic version, up to 10 variants)
1000 $
Naming for international brand (latin or cyrillic, up to 10 variants)
1500 $
Naming for international brand (latin and cyrillic, up to 10 variants)
1700 $
0 $
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