Every penny spent on AD should make a profit

"Just launch the AD and see what happens" is not a good strategy. It is important to clearly understand who you work for in order to target those who are interested in your product. Otherwise say "bye" to your budget. 

COI knows how to set advertising campaigns within an optimal budget range; with us each dollar brings profit.

What will you get:
Audience targeting and settings for campaigns.
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We follow social media algorithms and target posts right into the TA hearts.
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Targeted traffic and sales "here and now".
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We create an easy way for customers to buy what they want WHEN they need it and HOW they need it.
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Retargeting and remarketing to "catch back" the users.
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Ex-customers can become your current customers, if you know how to remind them of yourself.
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Accurate analysis of advertising campaigns.
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Any AD campaign requires a deep analysis. We study the numbers and do our best to increase sales mor
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New customers and advertising that is profitable.
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You will know for sure that your advertising budget is spent smartly and effectively.
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Research of potential demand in the chosen niche of the market
500 $
Competitor analysis (approximately 10 main competitors)
550 $
Forming a map of the target audience for the B2C, B2B, B2G segment (according to customer analysis or based on experience)
700 $
Forming a map of the target audience for the combined business segment (according to customer analysis or based on experience)
900 $
Marketing strategy development (with prowided TA map, market analysis, analysis of competitors)
1400 $
Brand story creation (with the provided TA map)
300 $
Development of concepts or scenarios for promotions, video ads, etc.
350 $
0 $
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