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Life without front-end: what websites would look like

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You open a browser, enter your query and get redirected to a beautiful, clear site. However, a good website is a result of the joint work of many specialists. They work carefully on every detail: design, text, images, databases, behavior of elements.

The job of the front-end developer is to turn a static image and obscure databases into a beautiful service that is convenient for the user.

Where does front-end development begin

The first task is to create an html format of a design layout. In other words, the task is to make design elements clickable. However, without the data added by the back-end developer, these buttons do not make sense.

Having laid the initial structure, we obtain relevant information that can theoretically meet the needs of the user. However, in practice it does not look very cool. In essence, this is just a set of symbols and pictures dropped into one pile. What should one do with it? Stylize!

To make it beautiful, we add styles

This is a task for front-end developers as well. With CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), an incomprehensible set of pictures and text look great.

With the added styles, the text becomes formatted, and the images - stylized for the design of the web resource (desired color, shape, fonts, etc. are set).

For example, the COI site. Take a look at what it looks like with and without styles. A huge difference, isn't it?


Looks nice, but doesn't work. Setting up the functionality

In order for all buttons, shapes, sliders to work, the front-end developer adds functionality to the site using Javascript.

Thanks to this programming language, all dynamic elements of the site work properly in the client's browser. When a user presses a button, it will respond and perform programmed actions (for example, flipping slides or opening a form). Here's how dynamic elements work on a COI site:


Important details, or What else is front-end responsible for

  • Responsive web design is used to make the finished web resource look good on any device (computer, phone, tablet). So if you see that the site looks crooked on your screen, it's a front-end developer's fault.
  • Correct work of forms. It's annoying when you fill out an important form (for example, to pay for something) and it doesn't work well. If the user accidentally clicks the mouse several times, the payment may even be charged again. So it is not surprising that the proper work of forms is checked more than once before the project launching.
  • Web accessibility. In addition to the visible layout, the front-end developer creates separate attributes that facilitate the use of the resource for people with special needs. For example, enlarged elements, sound text or spelled Braille - all this can be turned on if necessary.

Do you want your site to look beautiful and work properly? We will develop a web resource that will meet all the requirements. Text us and the COI team will create the best strategy to promote your business!

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