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COIwriting... Do you count losses as competitors go online? COI has a solution!

We have developed a product that is easy to sync with 1C or any other database, as well as adapt the design to your brand. You will receive a full-fledged online store in just about TWO weeks! And you can not only increase sales in difficult quarantine conditions, but also invest in the future of your business.

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calendar iconFebruary 3, 2021
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COIwriting... How color affects your brand

Have you ever experienced a certain impact a color has on you? Maybe, you felt joyful in a yellow room, or you felt angry seeing a rapid movement of red images on the screen. Despite the popular belief, colors affect us more than just by bringing aesthetic pleasure.

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calendar iconJanuary 20, 2021
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COIwriting... Storytelling. A secret ingredient to your marketing

For the past few years, there has been a new trend in marketing — storytelling. One can argue with its novelty, but its effectiveness is merely undoubtable.

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calendar iconDecember 15, 2020

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