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Oksana Hrabovska


She does not like modern poetry, but she writes poetry herself. She is afraid of heights, but loves roller coasters. She draws skillfully, but says she is not an artist. Oksana has many contradictions, but this is what makes her special. She has a master's degree in psychology, and her future startup is a chatbot-psychologist who will help people.


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Грабовська Оксанаwriting... Learning to write is like learning to cook

Do you think writing texts is easy and no experience is needed? In fact, it is still a heck of a culinary art. After all, writing a "nutritious" text requires no less effort than cooking delicious food.

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calendar iconJune 11, 2019
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Грабовська Оксанаwriting... Life without front-end: what websites would look like

You open a browser, enter your query and get redirected to a beautiful, clear site. However, a good website is a result of the joint work of many specialists. They work carefully on every detail: design, text, images, databases, behavior of elements.

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calendar iconMay 24, 2019

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